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Are you considering to invest and create value in the tools industry?

Are you considering to invest and create value in the tools industry?

Lifting Equipment Supplier with Unique Benefits

Ronix has been successful in doing business with a wide range of customers in different countries. As a wholesale lifting equipment supplier, we are committed to providing a wide range of benefits to our customers. One of the main benefits of working with Ronix Tools is our negotiable MOQs. Due to a 30,000 m2 warehouse that is always packed with our wide catalog of tools and equipment, we can deliver our orders within 15 days.
Lifting Equipment

Lifting Equipment Distributors Play a Vital Role in Our Modern Life!

With the modernization of the cities and the rise of tall buildings and constructions in today’s world, man felt the need to lift and lower loads and equipment so heavy that manual laborers were physically unable to carry them. Therefore, lifting tools became an inseparable part of demanding jobs and facilitated the relocation of giant and heavy loads to construction sites, factories, buildings, warehouses, etc.

Ronix Tools as a supplier of tools and hardware is here to provide lifting equipment distributors with products to build our world!

Lifting Equipment

Gift Your Business A Lift!

Today, lifting operations have become the most crucial part of heavy-duty industrial jobs, and people need specialized equipment and hardware to get the jobs done. So, for wholesalers and importers, investing in this market will make a bounce in their business. Their target market can be from a wide range of different industries, including factories, construction sites, carpentry workshops, car repair shops, tall structures like towers and skyscrapers, or even giant stores that need to carry heavy materials.

Industrial Lifting Equipment: What Is All the Fuss About? 

With all the heavy loads that need to be lifted and moved, using industrial lifting equipment is a must in almost all factories, construction sites, warehouses, and docks, since these heavy-duty tools will save time and energy, make things easier for the workers, and ensure their safety on the job site. 

According to the data provided by Data Bridge Market Research, the global industrial lifting equipment market is projected to reach USD 107.72 billion by the year 2029. So, adding them to any tool shop collection would be a lucrative business plan. 

This is great news for lifting equipment importers, distributors, and retailers. The first step towards a successful investment in this field is to choose a reliable brand among the various lifting equipment suppliers that compete in the crowded market. The best suppliers are the ones that offer a wide variety of the best quality tools, engineered to last long and designed to endure the heaviest of loads.  

How many types of Lifting equipment are there?

These tools vary in mechanism, capacity, material, etc. There are various lifting tools names in the market applicable across multiple job sites. Let us talk about some of them:

Electric Hoists: Ideal for any job site, electric hoists are a kind of power tool used for raising and lowering loads (vertically). Depending on their capacity, these tools can lift loads up to 10,000kg and are suitable for giant construction sites and large-scale industries.

Chain Blocks: Chain blocks are hand-operated tools that can easily hoist and lower massive loads weighing up to 50,000 kg. They’re considered some of the safest tools on the market. Their safety rates are four times higher than their capability, and this feature makes them a reliable tool.

Lever Hoists: Lever hoists are manual lifters that can raise, lower, or draw loads up to 10,000 kg but have a smaller capacity than chain blocks. Another distinction is that chain blocks raise and lower large objects vertically, but lever hoists pull and hoist in multiple directions.

Wire Rope Hoists: Wire rope hoists are available in the market in manual and electric types, although manual ones are more common. Wire rope hoists can move the loads upwards, downwards, and in different directions.


Lifting Equipment

Wholesale Lifting Equipment: Choose Your Elevator!

There are many factors in deciding on the right lifting equipment for sale. Of course, safety issues should be your highest priority in this case. But other important factors, like quality, pricing, shipping and delivery, variety of products, etc., must be considered. A top-quality brand may be expensive, or a low-price one may not give the customers the quality and productivity they’re looking for. Therefore, among all suppliers, you need to choose a superior tool brand with a wide variety of tools and reasonable prices.

When Quality Meets Quantity

Ronix is a lifting equipment supplier that upholds all essential criteria, such as safety, quality, variety, and affordability. Whether you need to machine lift your loads, we produce and provide premium chain blocks, electric hoists, lever hoists, and wire ropes at the best prices and most advanced technologies, comparable to the other worldwide super brands. All our products go under the strict supervision of our R&D and QC teams to deliver the highest efficiency and user convenience to customers worldwide. There are some advantages that Ronix offer in common:

•    Manufacturing under European CE and ISO standards
•    Having advanced safety and protection systems
•    Made of high-resistant steel and metal materials
•    Able to lift various capacities according to users’ needs

Why Ronix?

As an international tool supplier and your safety and hoisting machinery specialist, we want you to be assured that with our 30,000 m2 fully-stocked warehouse, there will never be a supply shortage in the wholesaling process. This among many other reasons makes us distinguished among lifting equipment distributors.

After counseling our sales experts regarding the products and receiving the catalogs, price lists, and proforma invoices, you can choose your shipping method or leave it to us to introduce you to the best shipping companies worldwide.

When you register your request online and determine the payment method, we provide you with a fast and efficient service to load and ship the orders in just 15 days so that you can decorate and fill out your store’s collection with Ronix’s tried-and-tested products.

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