Chain Block Capacity 2T

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Chain blocks, also known as chain hoists or chain pulleys, are devices specifically designed for lifting and moving heavy loads in a vertical direction. They consist of sturdy housing containing a chain, a set of pulleys, and a ratchet mechanism. Chain blocks operate by pulling the chain through the housing, causing it to wrap around the pulleys and create a mechanical advantage that allows users to lift loads with reduced effort. The ratchet mechanism ensures that the load remains securely held in place when not being lifted or lowered. Ronix RH-4104 is another one of our offerings in the chain block category that works as described and can help you deal with loads as heavy as 2T.
Ronix Chain Block RH-4104 with information

Detailed Description

Ronix RH-4104 is a 2T chain block equipped with grade 80 steel alloy that can offer a standard lift of 3m.

Ronix RH-4104, 2T Chain Block:

A wide range of industries and professions can benefit from using chain blocks. Construction sites, manufacturing plants, warehouses, and logistics companies are among the chief of these industries that rely on chain blocks to lift heavy equipment, machinery, and materials. We have designed our RH-4104 model with all of these scenarios and use cases in mind which have resulted in a chain block that provides a safe and efficient means of lifting heavy loads, minimizing the risk of injuries and accidents associated with manual lifting. To learn more about this mighty device, keep reading.


Ronix RH-4104 consists of an 8x24mm load chain and a 5x25x17mm hand chain that are both made of grade 80 steel alloy and can offer a standard lift of 3m. In addition to these high-quality steel chains, Ronix RH-4104 is equipped with a drop-forged steel hook that will bend to indicate an overload situation. Built according to the ISO 3577 standard, Ronix RH-4104 has a net weight of 16.2kg and a gross weight of 16.7kg.

Lifting capacity:

Chain blocks can be used in a wide variety of situations, from loading and unloading cargo and lifting heavy machinery for installation or maintenance to positioning structural components during construction and handling bulky items during warehouse operations. This is why having a high level of lifting capacity must be the main focus of a good chain block. Our RH-4104 doesn’t disappoint in this regard either and can offer a maximum lifting capacity of 2T alongside a proof load of 3T. Additionally, this model has a pull-to-lift rated load of 457N and an extra lift per weight of 2.3kg.


Ronix RH-4104 chain block is delivered in a Ronix-designed package.

Features :

-Solar and pulley design to reduce the force required for traction
-Biaxial system and two guide rollers
-Load chains are made of steel alloy with grade 80 according to ISO 3577 standard
-Top and bottom hooks made of forged steel that slowly bends due to overload to warn of overload
-Galvanized chains available in sizes of 3 and 6 meters
-Overload protection system


Capacity (tonnes)
2 T
No. of falls
Load chain (mm)
Pull to lift rated load
457 N
Proof load (tonnes)
3 T
Hand chain (mm)
Standard lift (m)
Net Weight
16.2 kg
Gross weight
16.7 kg
Extra lift per weight
2.3 kg

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