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Ceramic Cutting Discs

Ceramic Cutting Discs

Know more about ceramic cutters

Specific discs are designed for cutting ceramics. The problem is that knowing which one is best suited for cutting a particular type of material depends a lot on the requirements of the cut. 
Explore diamond discs, one of the most widely used materials to cut ceramics. Diamond discs are capable of cutting many different materials, whether they are hard or soft because they optimize the cutting work. This is why it is extremely essential and helpful to pick the proper disc for the specific material you want to work with. Doing so will help you save time and obtain a smooth cut!
ceramic cutters
ceramic cutters

Ceramic cutters types

To obtain quality work, it is essential to choose the right disc to use. Therefore, Ronix offers you three diamond discs with different functions depending on the material to be cut.
•    X-Treme Ultra Fine Diamond Disc for ceramic-type material
This is an ultra-thin segmented diamond disc, only 1.2 mm. It is perfect for extremely hard materials such as ceramics because it prevents chipping, emits less dust, and generates less effort on the machine to improve the user's work.
•    X-Treme Universal Jobbing Diamond Disc
Discover our quality disc for all types of jobs. If you are looking for a diamond blade for granite, this is the one for you. Its rim segments are laser welded to allow the dry cutting of various hard materials. The Universal X-Treme diamond disc has many advantages:
  • The 12mm segment height offers over 20% more performance than other discs on the market and a 10% increase in speed.
  • The laser-welded segments provide a perfect bond to the steel rim.
  • The balanced, tensioned bore provides a firm result without vibration.
  • Ventilated spur holes cool the disc, extending its life and making it easier to remove material during cutting.
  • It features grooves with a rounded tip, called Key Hole, that prevent cracking in the steel due to expansion and contraction of the steel from the heat of the cut.
  • It is available in three sizes: 115 and 125 mm for small grinders; 230 mm for large grinders.
Finally, we present an all-purpose ceramic cutter, capable of cutting any building material both dry and wet. This product offers many advantages such as the following:
  • Reduces work time as there is no need to change the disc depending on the material to be cut.
  • It offers better performance, increased durability, and consistent cutting speed due to the diamond welded to its rim using vacuum welding, which allows for greater adhesion of the diamond to the substrate.
  • It produces fewer sparks, dust, and odor than a conventional disc.
  • Its innovative design with perforations in the segment allows for better cooling, and it facilitates the removal of the material to be cut.
  • The separation between the Key Hole segments prevents the steel from cracking due to expansion and contraction caused by the heat of the cut.
Ceramic cutters

Ceramic cutters and their benefits

Ronix ceramic cutters give you all the power you need. They are strong and give you maximum mobility. Consider the following as some of the most important features of our tools:
- Made with the latest technology with the help of automatic equipment, resulting in a quicker cut and a lifetime of service.
- High-quality compound of diamond blades reduces friction and provides a quicker and cleaner cut.
- Constructed of premium steel with a bending strength of 145 provides excellent resistance to wear and tear and delivers superior cutting performance when working under hard conditions.
- Advanced performance of the tool can prolong the durability and keep the feed rate to a minimum.
- Great for neat cuts in various types of ceramic tiles.

Why Ronix?

Ceramics are very fragile materials, which can crack or break very easily due to their molecular structure. When holding it, you have to be very careful, because if you drop it, it can break.
As a tool importer, distributor, or wholesaler, no matter if your customers are do-it-yourselfers or construction professionals, people with projects that involve fixing a bathroom, working on a patio, or renovating a room in a house, they probably have to cut ceramic tile and it is not the easiest task.
That's why we, the Ronix team, offer a simple solution for cutting them. As with any other project, in order to choose the right equipment, you need to consider the material your customers are going to cut and their cutting needs. In this case, Ronix as one of the greatest ceramic cutter manufacturers and also a supplier in the market is going to offer you one of the best ceramic cutter wholesale packages.  
It is essential to choose a tool specifically designed to cover your requirements. Read the instructions on the label or contact our staff if in doubt.
ceramic cutters

Are you up to a successful investment in ceramic cutters?

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