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Drill Sets

A Brilliant Advantage in the Tool Market

To overtake your competitors in the tools market and get more loyal customers, you need to develop more competitive advantages such as high quality, reasonable price, and innovation.
As suppliers, distributors, or importers, you know that Drills are among the most used items. So, they can play as game-changers when it comes to competitions in the market.
Their quality, functionality, and ergonomic body are superior features that attract more people to choose and use them. But offering a set of them packed neatly in a case makes them outstanding.
Drill Set
Drill Set
So, if you plan to expand your wholesale trades in this field, you must include Drill Sets in your collection.
The targets are either DIYers or Industrial heavy-duty users, so offering them can be a great privilege for you to find a wide range of clients.
They generally contain drills and accessories encased in a rigid box.
Each type of drilling tool is capable of being presented in the form of a package but based on its functions, it consists of different accessories such as bits, batteries, or even some additional hand tools. They may also be offered in Combo Kits, consisting of two drilling tools along with other attachments.

Types Of Drill Sets

All types of hand-held ones, including corded and cordless, brushed and brushless, are capable of being offered in the form of kits and sets. So, they can be sorted into the following categories: Electric Corded Drill Set, Electric Cordless Drill Set, Corded Impact Drill Set, Cordless Impact Drill Set, Corded Drill Driver Set, Cordless Drill Driver Set
 Drill Set

What to look for when choosing a Drill Set?

There are various manufacturers and suppliers around the world that offer many Drill Sets for Sale. So, when it comes to choosing wholesale Sets, you should take into account different factors that will help you pick the best match for you and your customers’ demands and tastes.
The quality of Drilling tools and their accessories are so crucial, but when talking about kits, one of the most critical parts is their cases for sure. It should be made of high-quality material which is resistant enough to protect the tool and attachments well. On the other hand, it should be compact but spacious enough so that the tools can be appropriately set in their place to avoid damage.
Another critical element is affordability. Mostly, users are great fans of Drill Sets, but if the price does not suit their budget, they will buy a single drilling machine with no add-ons. The problem seems even more significant when looking at the tools market and seeing that most first-rate brands do not meet the demand. Mainly because they are so expensive that many cannot afford them. But what is the solution?

Ronix Drill Sets

Ronix is one of the most well-known Drill Set Brands, which offers five-star kits that are carefully manufactured under the supervision of a professional R&D team. Based in Germany, they inspect the whole production process in the factory and field test the products to ensure they are of the best quality.
They are highly functional because they consist of required attachments for each kind of drilling tool;
•    Different sizes of bits
•    Compatible batteries and chargers (for cordless ones)
•    Hand tools such as pliers, screwdrivers, … (in some kits)
It is to say that all of the items mentioned above are made of the best raw material. One of the most exclusive features of this collection is the Ronix-designed Bulk Molding Compound- BMC case which is a sturdy, impact-resistant box that supports the Drill and its additions in the best way.
But the charming point is that all this quality is offered at a highly economical price which makes it a tempting collection to purchase. So, if you want to extend your market and be a popular wholesaler, distributor, or importer, don’t miss out on Ronix Unique Kits!
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