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Table saws: From Woodworking to Art

Table saws are high-demand tools with a fast-growing market. Carpenters, contractors, DIYers, and those involved with construction, maintenance, cabinet making, and home renovation, all need them to make quick, safe, and efficient cuts in the wood. Even sculptors and other artists are dependent on such tools to create art.
Table Saw
Table Saw
Both professional woodworkers and hobbyists need table saws to achieve the best result by putting less effort into their cutting tasks. Due to the practicality and popularity of these saws, table saw distributors and importers that choose the right brand and supplier, have a chance to cut through the crowded tool market.

Table Saw: A Multipurpose Tool

As versatile as they are, table saws are must-have items on your tool shop shelves. Your clients need such a tool to make:
Long Cuts
Bevel Cuts
Cross Cutting
Cutting Grooves
Pros and Cons
What encourages customers to go for table saws in your tool shop is the many advantages they offer. These saws require the minimum energy to operate and can make some of the most accurate cuts possible. They are fast, versatile and easy to use and can cut through thicker pieces of wood.
However, nothing is perfect and table saws are no exception! The only negative point about this type of power tool is the fact that it should be operated with the utmost care due to the potential risks. 

Table Saw

Different Types of table saw

Table saws are categorized into 4 categories based on their power, portability, and function:
Benchtop (portable): the smallest type of table saw that is placed right atop a bench or table and is the perfect choice for DIYers
Jobsite: Best portable table saw for Jobsite albeit with a more powerful motor compared to benchtop models
Contractor: larger, heavier, but less portable than the Jobsite models with increased power and convenience
Cabinet: a fixed model with the highest power, accuracy, and control and thus the best option for professional woodworkers.

What do clients look for in a table saw? 

As an importer or distributor, you need to know what your clients are looking for in a table saw in order to choose the right supplier. Some of these factors include:  
Cutting Capacity: The cutting capacity is the depth a table saw can cut through the target material. Since table saws’ main function is making cuts, the cutting capacity is an important factor for any client. 
Dust Collection System: As being exposed to sawdust is harmful to health, customers mostly look for a table saw equipped with a proper dust collection system. 
Power: Power is another determining factor when it comes to buying a table saw. Higher power will result in a higher turning force. 
Speed: The higher the speed of the saw, the more efficient the process of cutting would be. 


Why Ronix?

We manufacture some of the best electric table saws available on the market. In addition to a high cutting capacity, they work with powerful motors that deliver high revolutions per minute for the maximum productivity.
Ronix table saws are made of high-quality material and have efficient dust collection systems.
When it comes to accuracy, the aluminum die-cast and precision machined table top of these saws remain flat for more accurate cuts.

Time for Choosing…

If power, precision and high safety are not enough reasons for you to invest in Ronix wholesale table saws, high quality, variety, and affordability WILL BE!
The quality of our electric table saws is guaranteed by a professional and committed R&D team. So, they will catch the eye of any client who prioritizes quality over anything else. The good news is that, unlike how things work in the tool market, the excellence of our products doesn’t mean that they are expensive. We give all tool importers and distributors a chance to buy five-star wholesale table saws they are looking for at a reasonable price and enjoy the growth of their business.
What are you waiting for? Go through the variety in our table saw collections, place an order and have it ready to load and ship in 15 days!
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