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Are you considering to invest and create value in the tools industry?

Are you considering to invest and create value in the tools industry?

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Door Closers

Door Closers

Door Closers: Slam Doors No More!

Whether it is a security gate, the opening to an operating room, or even a store entrance, door closers are essential to ensure its safe closing. They are simple yet unbelievably versatile. Thanks to these hand tools, you can prevent the doors from banging or injuring anyone’s fingers while getting closed! But there is more than meets the eye. These hand tools ensure the complete closing of a door when someone passes through it to prevent any possible intrusion and protect the residents by keeping the fire doors closed.
Door Closers
Door Closers
These tools are available in different types and can be used for single/multi-leaf doors, or even heavy ones exceeding 100 kilos! Essential for every commercial and residential building, they are highly in demand and have proved to be a profitable investment for tool distributors and importers who want to attract and secure more customers.

Here are two types of them which, due to their vast application, it is so important to know about:

Heavy-duty Door Closer

Heavy-duty door closers are made for frequent applications in high-traffic places. In public buildings such as schools, restaurants, and industrial ones a heavy-duty door closer is the best option to handle the high-cycle uses. For performing their best, they should be compatible with different types of doors made of wood, metal, glass, or aluminum, and be made of high-resistant, durable materials such as aluminum alloy.

Hydraulic Door Closer

A Hydraulic door closer closes the doors automatically, by means of the fluid moving through their bodies. They usually have reliable operating systems with a few moving parts. They can be used in any situation where a flexible, high-performance door closer is needed. A high-quality body made of cast aluminum can add to its efficiency and durability as well.

The Advantages of Using Door Closers

Door closers are an economical solution for many problems in a building whether safety-related or about efficiency. Using them in a building:
· Prevents property damage
· Saves energy
· Increases security
· Ensures the safety of residents
The only drawback of these handy tools is that they need regular maintenance to deliver their best performance.
Door Closers

Choosing The Right Brand of Door Closers Matters

As a rule of thumb, picking the right door closer depends on the traffic of a target door and its weight. But as there are a lot of choices out there in the tool market, choosing the right brand will make a difference.
As a reliable tool manufacturer, Ronix supplies the market with wholesale foolproof door closers. These first-rate tools are suitable for wooden, metal, glass, aluminum, and PVC doors and let the users experience some of the best features including:
· Exceptional strength and durability
They are made of aluminum die-cast bodies with steel RACK which guarantees their exceptional strength and durability.
· Variable Power Size
They have a variable power size to be able to support doors of various sizes and weights, ranging from 15Kg to 85Kg!
· Adjustable Valves
Equipped with two valves, they can control the closing and latching speed optimally.
high-tensile steel springs and heat-treated pistons and pinions are among other handy features of our well-made and reliable door closers.

Why Ronix?

Ronix is a reliable tool manufacturer and supplier that offers more than 2000 kinds of tools and up to 34000 spare parts to customers in over 120 counties worldwide.
Efficient and durable, our tools are made of the best raw material using cutting-edge technologies. They have a tried-and-tested quality that can compete with what the most reputed super brands have to offer, albeit at much more affordable prices!
Our 30000m2 warehouse is always fully stocked with a variety of high-quality power, hand, and cordless tools to fulfill the different needs of customers. This incredible variety of our collections has turned us into a brand that many tool importers and distributors choose over others.
If you plan to order wholesale premium door closers at reasonable prices, don’t hesitate to CONTACT US. You won’t be waiting for too long as all orders will be ready to load and ship in less than 2 weeks!

Door Closer

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