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Are you considering to invest and create value in the tools industry?

Are you considering to invest and create value in the tools industry?

Measure occasionally or undertake large-scale tasks with a laser distance meter

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laser distance meter

Measure distances accurately

The laser distance meter is a must have tool for experts. It can also be employed by DIY enthusiasts. It is a special device intended to measure distances or to determine the exact dimensions of a surface before starting any construction or renovation work. Various designs of this equipment are available and their features often indicate a certain use. For example, some of these tools are used by golfers, while others are used by professionals. Before deciding to import a digital laser distance meter, you need to get to know different types of this measuring tool.
Measure distances
Measure distances

Different types of laser distance meters

A laser distance meter is a small optical measuring device that incorporates highly advanced technology for high measurement accuracy. It can be either infrared or ultrasonic and is particularly effective for measuring distances. Thanks to its light beams that this equipment is made up of, measurements can be taken in less than a few seconds, no matter what the work is. The handheld laser distance meter is also equipped with an innovative calculation system that allows obtaining high-precision measurements on the speed of the rays, and the time taken by the ray to reach the target.
Laser distance meters, often known as laser rangefinders or laser distance measurers, are generally digital devices. A digital laser distance meter outperforms traditional measuring tools such as tape measures and measuring wheels in various ways. One of the most essential advantages of a digital laser distance meter is its ability to provide fast and precise measurements even across vast distances. It is a popular measurement tool for both professionals and DIYers because it is simple to use and portable.
Basically, there are two types of levels, one is a fixed level and the other is rotating. The rotating level is more beneficial than the fixed level because it can create a 360-degree beam around the room, sometimes even including the ceiling and floor level so you can get a more accurate job. It is ideal for establishing elevations at about 50' to 100' distances.
laser distance meter

Time to choose the best supplier

To quickly understand how to choose the best laser distance meter supplier, a few basics must be considered.

Use of the distance measuring device: The choice of your device will depend on how often you use it: for occasional use, an entry-level device may be sufficient. On the other hand, if you use it every day on your construction sites, a professional laser with good autonomy will be more adapted.

Measuring range: To choose the measuring range of your tool, you should consider the use you want to make of it: a 50-meter machine will be sufficient for indoor work and landscaping, while a 250-meter one will be preferable for outdoor work and for measuring buildings.

Laser accuracy: Your tool must be able to calculate distances with great accuracy. The longer the distance you have to measure, the better and more reliable your distance meter should be.

Size and weight of the meter: The rangefinder is a handheld device, so it must be compact, handy, and easy to carry. The best thing to do is to choose a tool that fits in your hand! Also, avoid rangefinders that are too heavy and difficult to hold all day on a job site.

Laser distance meter power supply: Laser rangefinders have 2 types of power supply: they are powered by batteries or by a battery, usually Lithium Ion. This type of battery offers three to four times more autonomy than a battery.

Distance meter sealing system: Waterproofing is an important criterion when choosing a laser meter, especially if you do a lot of outdoor work. Most devices have an international standard protection rating (IP). The IP rating tells you the level of water and dust resistance of the unit. The higher the IP rating, the more waterproof your device will be.

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laser distance meter

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