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Bottle Jacks

Bottle Jacks

Bottle jack; a compact and convenient lifting equipment

This tool is used to lift a vehicle. In general terms, cars are lifted with a car or a garage jack, and it is used to stabilize caravans and motor homes.
A classic car jack is the bottle jack. Its greatest advantage is its ease of storage and transportation due to its small size and lightweight. The double-piston system of some devices allows fast lifting and easy use. Indeed, for a weight of only 4.5 kilos, the machine can go up to two tons in terms of lifting capacity and 40 centimeters of maximum height. This practical tool is small and convenient and that is why they are used in case of emergency on the road.

Different types of bottle jacks

Mechanics, often have to work under the vehicle! However, it is important to make sure that they work safely. That's why you need a good supplier! High lift, hydraulic or bottle jacks; let's take a look at the different types of this equipment available in the market.
•    Bottle jack
This machine is very user-friendly and easy to use. Make sure the valve is closed and position the tool correctly. Move the handle up and down to adjust the device to the correct height. Place some candles and you can start tinkering with your car. Remove the candles and slowly lower the machine.
    2-ton bottle jack: With a 2-ton device, you can easily stabilize a caravan or lift a standard car. After lifting, place candles under the car before starting to work under it. 
    4-Ton bottle jack: For larger, more luxurious cars and smaller trucks such as vans, you can use the 4-ton tool. In these cases, a garage or bottle jack with wheels is just as practical and user-friendly as the hydraulic type.
    Bottle jack with pressure relief valve: these tools are equipped with a pressure relief valve. This prevents overloading the jack and allows you to work safely.
•    Hydraulic bottle jack
The hydraulic one allows you to lift heavy loads effortlessly. It uses oil under pressure to push a cylinder on which the load rests. Mainly used in mechanics and vehicle maintenance, it can also be used to unhook a gate, lift construction materials, etc. There are two categories for hydraulic models: the hydraulic roller and bottle jack. 
    The hydraulic bottle jack is simpler to design than a wheeled model and can lift heavier loads (from 2 to 20 tons), thanks to its lack of a frame that weakens the structure. On the other hand, the piston stroke is limited and the lifting height does not exceed 50 cm.
    The hydraulic wheeled jack: before choosing a jack on wheels, it is necessary to know the weight of the vehicle to be lifted as well as the height between the ground and the lower part of the body (ground clearance). This information is important to be able to slide the jack easily under the vehicle. Generally, 10 to 14 cm high, some models have a slimmer front end (7 cm) to fit under a sports car with reduced ground clearance. The maximum lifting height is also important, to lift vans or 4x4. This information (maximum height and weight to be lifted) can be found either on the packaging or directly on the jack.

Bottle Jack for Sale: A World of the Most-Trusted Suppliers!

If you're in the market for an auto bottle jack, you may want to consider a high lift bottle jack, which is designed to lift loads higher than traditional ones, has a cost-effective price, or has a large selection of models and weight capacities to fill your store with variety, or meets any other criteria that are crucial in your trade.

Therefore, whether you are a wholesaler, importer, or distributor, it can be one of the most difficult aspects of growing your business when it comes to choosing suppliers that you can fully count on and afford you with the best bottle jacks for sale.

There are several considerations when searching for new providers. A tool company may have high lift bottle jacks of good quality in their lineup, but their prices will be significantly higher than you anticipated. Or find cost-effective tools that fall short of your standards for quality, durability, and body materials. To pick your go-to bottle jack for sale, it's the price, quality, and variety of their products that should be your focus.

Ronix company has combined reasonable prices, high quality, and a unique variety of products to suit a broad range of customers in both business and consumer markets. Quality and variety are the primary principles of Ronix products and are made to stand up to the future. Ronix, which manufactures over 2000 different products, is one of the widest-ranging tool and accessory brands in the global industry.

Major advantages of bottle jacks

Ronix Tools is one of the major manufacturers of various types of bottle jacks. Throughout the entire production process, professional staff supervises every single step; so, our bottle jacks come with many advantages. For instance, here are some of the benefits:

  • Heat-treated extension screw for low pickup height adjustment and maximum lift height
  • Serrated, heat treated saddle for generous lifting area and secure grip
  • A wide rugged base for stability and strength
  • Reinforced critical stress points for more durability and dependability

Having such features, Ronix bottle jacks can serve a vital role on each job site and around the house.

Why Ronix?

Ronix Company, with five main principles: quality of products, wide variety of products, moderate price, business attitude and extensive after-sales support, aims to meet customers' requirements.

Considering all these valuable features, this is the time for you to enjoy our wholesale bottle jack offer. 

For those interested in a specific set of products, order online and in about 15 days you can have them ready to be charged and delivered.

Undoubtedly, the Ronix team is committed to complete customer satisfaction!


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