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All About Electric Drills

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Update your tool shop’s shelves with Ronix corded drills that have surprised users with their power and speed. As must-have tools in construction, decoration, carpentry, and DIY projects, drills are remarkably popular among both casual and professional users. The power, weight, and mobility are the first factors the clients consider when buying the mentioned product, be it corded or cordless. So, the tool distributors and importers who look for more profit and an increase in sales, should select a drill manufacturer and supplier that has gathered all the positive features in one place to fulfill different needs.
Electric Corded Drill
Electric Corded Drill
A drill is defined by its power, speed, type and size of the chuck and its maximum drilling capacity in different materials. Power determines the function of each machine. As far as the speed is concerned, drills are either single speed, have a two-speed function or come with a variable speed control. The no-load speed of the first category is limited to 2000/2500RPM and the latter one provides the user with freedom to control the speed using a trigger.
The chuck of a drill that determines the maximum size of the bit that can be attached to it, come in 2 main categories: keyed and keyless. Keyed chucks can’t be tightened or loosen unless with a key while keyless ones can be tightened by hand

Why Ronix?

Variety is one of the pillars of the international tool market. Therefore, choosing a brand to trust your business with, might be challenging. But worry no more! As one of the top corded drill manufacturers, Ronix provide its international clients with high-quality corded and cordless drills. If interested, all you have to do is going through Ronix collection and their affordable price tags to choose the right tool and get all the information you need about it. If a small drill is what satisfies your needs, we have options for you. Our company manufactures and supplies corded electric drills with ergonomic and compact bodies and powerful motors that deliver maximum no-load speed of 2700-3600 RPM. These wired power tools deliver maximum power at the minimum weight, have an anti-dust switch and work at customized speeds. so, they are among the best options available on the market. 
On top of the desirable size our small drills -AKA mini drills- offer, the design at your comfort’s service so you will experience less exhaustion while working. It’s also a better choice if you need to be moving your devices with you.
As far as cordless models are concerned, Ronix products are remarkably light-weight and efficient. They have high torque and work with long-lasting and extremely fast-charging lithium-ion batteries. Thanks to their 2-speed function (0-400RPM, 0-1600RPM), these drills are competent for both high speed and high-power applications. Moreover, they are equipped with an LED light and battery charging indicators which make them easier and more enjoyable to use.
As for the corded electric drills, we offer maximum power at a minimum weight. They also provide you with remarkable speed. These drills are powerful, reliable and versatile. You can use them for a wide range of work like drilling and fastening. They can be a great choice for you if you are looking to do more consistent work with less downtime.
Whether corded or cordless, Ronix drills are a great option for electric corded drill importers and distributors who care about customer satisfaction. You still need more reasons? Then the following paragraph is for you.

Ronix powerful drills

Ronix powerful drills are packed in BMC hard cases that makes them easier to ship and transport and encourage the customers to buy. Most clients prefer to get whatever they need to use with a tool, all at one package. Our product come with some of the needed accessories like bits for wood, steel and concrete, chuck keys, batteries, fast chargers, and connectors.
Among various electric corded drill manufacturers and suppliers, it is hard to find a brand that fulfills every expectation, from reasonable prices and high-quality to ergonomic design. While famous brands mainly focus on quality at the cost of affordability, less known ones try manufacturing less expensive products that are better suited to the clients who have a modest budget, but sacrifice quality. That’s when Ronix comes to the rescue by filling the gap between excellence and affordability.
Ronix is a German tool brand that offers finest instruments at a reasonable price. Whether you are a casual user looking for electric drills for sale or a distributor in search of wholesale electric drills, Ronix is a great choice that while providing you with high quality products, help you boost your business by offering FREE advertising material. Yes, you heard that right!

Ronix team brands your shop or truck and design showrooms for you professionally and provide you with customized t-shirts, plastic bags, caps and stands to promote your Ronix products.  
Trust Ronix and it won’t let you down

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