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All About Cutting Wheel

All About Cutting Wheel

Cutting Wheels: Cut Through the Uncuttable!

Cutting wheels, also known as cut-off wheels, are abrasive accessories that enable die grinders and chop saws to cut through metal and stone. Whenever there is a need to make clean and fast cuts in metal pipes or sheets, railways, and even different parts of a ship, they come in handy and therefore are of use in a wide range of fields such as metal fabrication, construction, manufacturing, welding, and maintenance.
The rise in metal-cutting activities in buildings, airplanes, ships, trains, and cars, explains an increase in demand for cut-off wheels. These handy accessories are significantly cost-effective and can complete different cutting tasks with ultimate precision in a short amount of time. All such advantages have turned them into fast-selling items with a huge profit potential for any tool distributor and importer willing to achieve success.  

Everything About Cutting Wheels

Cut-off wheels are defined by their thickness, grains, and bonding agents. 
Common types of cut-off wheel grains that determine its cutting speed and performance include: 
•    Aluminum oxide
•    Silicon Carbide
•    Aluminum Zirconium
When it comes to thickness, these accessories cover a wide range of numbers, such as: 
•    115mm
•    230mm
•    355mm
•    180mm
Last but not least, bonding agents also come in different types: 
•    Silicate
•    Vitrified
•    Resinoid
•    Shellac
•    Rubber
•    metal
Among all the above-mentioned types, resinoid bonds are the strongest and most durable because of their additional resistance to moisture and heat.

The Finest Cutting Wheels on The Market at A Glance

The Finest Cutting Wheels on The Market at A Glance
As a top tool manufacturer and supplier Ronix provides the market with cut-off wheels that deliver the best performance and last for a lifetime. To fulfill the different needs of professional and amateur users, they come in a variety of wheel sizes, shapes (flat or depressed), and cutting speeds. 


What Are the Advantages of Our Cutting Wheels?

•    Manufactured based on EN 12413 Standard and SQ safety quality system
•    Suitable for working on all angle grinders devices for different tasks
•    Extremely fast 
•    Resin-bonded and incredibly efficient

Why Ronix?

Ronix tools are made of the best raw materials with cutting-edge technologies, under the supervision of a dedicated QC team. That is why the customers can rest assured that they can trust us with quality.   
As if the superior quality was not enough to satisfy the customers, we made a policy commitment to offering the most reasonable prices
When it comes to variety, Ronix has so much to offer. With more than 2000 types of tools and 34000 kinds of spare parts, customers can find whatever they need in our collections and order what they cannot find to be manufactured in no time!
For tool distributors and importers who plan to add Ronix wholesale cutting wheels to their collections, high quality, incredible variety, and reasonable process come with FREE and customized advertising services for an increase in sales. 
Fast delivery is another item on the Ronix menu! Place your order NOW and have it ready to load and ship within the next 15 days!

Are you up to a successful investment in Cutting Wheels?

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