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Are you considering to invest and create value in the tools industry?

Are you considering to invest and create value in the tools industry?

Do a superb job of making clean, precise, and accurate holes in wood with Forstner bits

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Forstner bits

Forstner Bits

Forstner Bits

Forstner bits; a universal tool

This is a special drill bit for holes, countersinks, and large-diameter milling. It looks like a butterfly with 2 huge cutters to do the bulk of the work and 2 peripheral tungsten carbide cutters for external precision and a clean cut. This tool is made of titanium carbon steel. Hardwood, plywood, and woodwork are not resistant to this drill bit, which is widely used to make lock cylinder housings or blind holes requiring quick chip removal. You can find different types of this handy equipment such as 3" Forstner bits, 2-inch Forstner bits, and the Forstner bits for hand drill on the market. 
Forstner bits
Forstner bits

Facts about Forstner bits

These accessories have two major benefits for the users:
•    Drill very cleanly
Forstner bits let you drill very cleanly. Their cutting edge cuts the fibers on the edges of the hole sooner than the main blades sink into the wood, and virtually no chips are formed. The holes have smooth walls and a flat bottom. A Forstner bit set is useful when it is necessary, for example, to make neat recesses for candles in candle holders or to conceal recessed screw heads with jams.
•    Retain direction
The Forstner bits retain direction because of the steady rest, not the center point, like other types. Therefore, it can be used to achieve accuracy in situations where other bits work less well, for example, when drilling overlapping holes, in the butt or at an angle to the fibers, on the edge of the workpiece, as well as in other cases where the structure of the material or the orientation of the surface does not allow to resist impact.
Forstner bits

Locate the most accurate Forstner bits manufacturer available

When purchasing a Forstner bit, some factors are taken into consideration by customers. Ronix, as a leading manufacturer and supplier, provides customers with powerful tools capable of making holes in any hardwood surface. Listed below are some of the most important specs of these tools:

  •   Application

Ronix Forstner bits are recommended for drilling holes in hardwood because they are harder and have a large cutting surface compared to the other types. 

  • Clean cut

They create the cleanest cuts.

  • Angled drilling

The outer edge of our Forstner bits plays a major role when drilling at an angle.

  • Size

Forstner parts are available in a wide range of sizes and are often large-diameter tools. They can vary from 10 mm to 90 mm, which makes them suitable for drilling large holes.

  • Price 

Most of the time, quality does not go hand in hand with affordable price; so, you have to shop around to discover the problem. Numerous manufacturers offer affordable items but fail to provide acceptable service. Ronix team has solved this problem by offering quality tools at fair prices.

Ronix Forstner drill is your best option because it cuts, as it fits your usage needs.

Why Ronix?

If you are a distributor, wholesaler, or importer who seeks the most comprehensive wholesale Forstner bits to satisfy your professional users and DIY enthusiasts, Ronix is the brand you are probably waiting for. We, Ronix tools, fabricate a variety of premium quality Forstner bits under the guidance of a world-class team of R&D engineers in Germany.

In addition, we respect five core values during all levels and stages of production and delivery: product quality, affordable price, product variety, professional behavior, and international after-sales service.

Other benefits of ordering our wholesale Forstner bits are the cost-free promotional services that you can take full advantage of. Whatever your needs, we'll always support you. 

We will create exactly what you have in mind to increase the number of customers for your Ronix series.

Considering all the qualities mentioned above, you might feel like placing an order online; don't worry, our experts will do all the work and make your required products ready to be loaded and shipped within a period of only fifteen days.

Order now and remember that your customers are so valuable.

Forstner bits

Are you up to a successful investment in Forstner bits?

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