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Nowadays, power and hand tools are popular and widely used in different fields, ranging from DIY to carpentry and different industries. Each of these tools comes with its own safety equipment that your clients surely can’t do without. That’s what makes these tools some of the fastest-selling items in any tool shop. Not only construction workers, but also mechanists, carpenters, plumbers, maintenance technicians, welders, and those that work with toxic chemicals depend on these must-have tools to keep themselves safe.
Safety Equipment
Safety tools
The popularity of safety equipment among different professions makes selling them a profitable business for tool distributors and importers.   
Be it chemical, electrical, or mechanical, it reduces the risk of workplace accidents and potential injuries.
On the other hand, both workers and contractors benefit from using proper protective accessories that:
Reduce Stress at Work, Create A Safe Work Environment, Minimize The Number of Sick Leaves, Enhance The Quality of Products, Reduce The Expenses, Avoid Fines for Breaches of Health and well-being Law
Different types of PPE (personal protective equipment) are used to protect the eyes, ears, head, hands, feet, and respiratory system. These protective tools include: Hard Hat/ Welding Head Shield, Glasses, Construction Vest, Gloves, Protective Boots, Masks

Secure Your Business with High-Quality PPEs!

As mentioned before, working with different power or hand tools without using the right protective accessory is never a good idea. That’s why most customers are willing to spend a lot of money on buying such tools. So, if you are a tool distributor or importer who looks for ways to increase profit, a variety of different safety equipment made of the best material can give you what you want.
As a top manufacturer and supplier, Ronix provides distributors and importers worldwide with five-star safety equipment including: Working Gloves, Safety Glasses, Helmets
When it comes to work gloves, you can count on our resistant models that attract any client who is a mechanic, carpenter, etc., or plans to do gardening. These gloves come in different models. Some are made of the best material (five-yarn fibers) and are coated with a latex layer for more protection and others are coated with nitrile that is permeable to dust and fluids.
Our German tool brand also manufactures safety glasses that will attract customers who want to prevent splinters, wood chips, and dust from penetrating their eyes while woodworking or working with different power and hand tools in different fields like mining, or oil and gas industries. We supply the international tool market with lightweight safety glasses made of polycarbonate that are resistant to steam and harmful UV radiation.
The helmets in our collection are another tempting item for any client. They are made of strong yet ultra-light ABS or PE materials that make them remarkably durable. These helmets come with replaceable soft brow pads, suspensions, and headbands and can be fitted to any size.
Tool importers or distributors who are looking for high-quality tools to attract customers on a large scale or are after dominating a smaller market by targeting end users with safety tools for construction or for workshops may find Ronix the best manufacturer or supplier. I know you want to know more. So, keep reading!

Industrial Safety Equipment: Better Safe Than Sorry!

As reported by the International Labor Organization, around 340 million accidents happen on job sites around the world per year with the construction industry being the most vulnerable. 
With all the falling objects, machinery malfunctions and errors, potential chemical burns and exposures, possible electrocutions, or welding sparks flying around, using proper industrial safety equipment is a matter of life and death for anyone working in factories, workshops, construction sites, and laboratories. 
From safety helmets and work gloves to face shields and safety glasses, industrial safety equipment should be used in production plants, clothing, construction, forestry, mining, pharmaceutics, and other industries to ensure the health and safety of the employees. 
The advantages of using reliable, durable, and comfortable protective accessories, however, go beyond saving lives. Such equipment can lower the stress level in the workplace, increase productivity and reduce costs all at the same time.  
industrial safety equipment
safety tools
Safety Equipment

Why Ronix?

We manufacture and supply wholesale safety equipment with the best quality to the market. The quality of our tools is guaranteed by a committed R&D team that tolerates no faults in the production line. However, premium quality is not our only strength!
If you go through our company’s safety equipment list, you’d find items with quality that can compete with the world’s other super brands, albeit at a reasonable price. Nowhere else in the tool industry you can find affordability and high quality in one place.
Variety is another factor that makes Ronix the best choice for importers and distributors who are trying to find wholesale safety tools. Here, we help you to find whatever protective tool you need to get the job done. So, what are you waiting for? Place an order and you’ll get it ready to load and ship in less than two weeks.
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