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TCT Hole Saws: Drill Large Holes Fast and Easy!

Hole saws are used to make large and perfectly round holes in different materials like metal, wood, diamond, etc. Based on the material they are made of, these cup-shaped, hollow, and toothed drill bits are of two types:
  • Bi-metal
  • Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT)
TCT hole saws are suitable for drilling into a wide range of metal, wood, plywood, tile, and particle boards. These bits are compatible with most types of drills on the market, from impact drills to electric ones, and thus come in handy for both DIYers and professional users like construction workers, carpenters, plumbers, metalworkers, and electricians. As popular and helpful as they are, investing in wholesale TCT hole saws will ensure growth for any tool importer or distributor business.

Using TCT Hole Saws: What Are the Pros

Based on their needs and expectations, some users prefer TCT hole saws over their bi-metal counterparts as they:
  • Cut 3 times faster
  • Last Way More

Challenges of Choosing the Right TCT Hole Saw

Due to their outstanding profit potential, the tool market is filled with different brands of tungsten carbide-tipped and cup-shaped drill bits. But to get the job done in a perfect manner and reach the best results, it is important to avoid misleading advertisements that mainly focus on lower costs and make an informed choice.  
Regardless of all the fuss, Ronix TCT hole saws stand out from the crowd as they come with:
  • High-Grade Tungsten carbide teeth
  • A body made of high-strength steel alloy to ensure durability and a smoother operation
  • Hex wrenches to be used for assembling purposes
  • Strong Central Spring for high performance in different Jobs
To meet different needs, these hole saws come in different sizes ranging from 50 and 60mm to 100mm. They are also supplied in Ronix plastic boxes to make them easier to carry and attract more customers.

Why Ronix?

Ronix is a growing player in the tool business that always delivers on its promises.
We emphasize the highest quality standards in the manufacturing of our goods and assure their quality by relying on a staff of QC and R&D professionals.
Customers who pick our goods over other suppliers will experience unrivaled affordability in addition to the highest levels of performance and convenience.
Another point drawing market attention to Ronix is the vast variety of our products. With over 2000 different types of tools and 24000 spare parts, our brand is a one-stop shop for clients with a range of different needs.
The good news is that customers may always ask for the production of whatever they want but cannot find in our catalogs!
Last but not least, we have a special offer for tool distributors or importers who order wholesale TCT hole saws from us which involves FREE advertising services that are meant to widen their profit margins.
So, what are you waiting for? Place an order NOW and have it ready to load and ship within 15 days.

Do you want to invest in the TCT Hole Saws business?

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