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Paddle mixers; the most polyvalent tools available

Mixing paints, plasters, mortars, cement, or concrete can be a difficult job to do with hands; so, consider a paddle mixer. Its shaft, equipped with a propeller or paddles on the end, will mix all your liquid products effortlessly. Follow the page to learn more about our different models of mixers.
Paddle mixer
Paddle mixer

Different types of paddle mixers

There are a variety of paddle mixers available for sale on the market; according to the fact that your customers are professional or amateur users, choose the manufacturer that can provide you with all these different types.
  • The single paddle mixers
  • The twin or double paddle mixers
Along with the paddle mixer types mentioned above, there are other kinds that should be mentioned: Cordless Paddle Mixer and Paddle Mixer for Mortar. Here are more details about them.

Cordless Paddle Mixer

A cordless paddle mixer is an easy-to-carry mixing tool. As the name suggests, it works with batteries and does not need cords to connect to urban electricity. For finding a proper cordless paddle mixer, it is necessary to check the battery capacity, charge time, durability, and motor type which is preferred to be brushless. 

Paddle Mixer for Mortar

No doubt that it is a very versatile tool, being used for blending different materials such as paint, cement, and concrete. But there are still paddle mixers for mortar that are so popular and best known among users. Mortar is a mixture of sand, cement, and water used in construction and masonry projects which needs considerable power and rotation speed to be blended. A perfect paddle mixer for mortar can handle it easily.

The advantage of double type is that they save a significant amount of time. They are particularly suitable for viscous and heavy products and generally, their blades will rotate in opposite directions to improve mixing. However, single ones are the most common and can also meet these requirements.
  • Electric paddle mixers
  • Portable paddle mixers
Portable versions can only operate at the speed the operator is physically capable of, and the amount and type of material that can be mixed depends on the physical strength of the operator.
Electric paddle mixers, which can be powered by a battery or electric motor, can mix a wider selection of materials. With these tools, you can mix plaster, paint, cement, sealants, mortar, and more.
Paddle mixer

How to choose the best paddle mixer supplier

Are your customers professional builders or masonry enthusiasts? Corded and cordless mixers for the construction site are indispensable for both. But only with the right equipment they can finish their job in a few minutes.
Which supplier to choose? Here we show you the most important points to consider when making your choice.
  • The power
Let's talk about viscosity first! the more viscous it is, the more difficult it is to mix. A varnish or paint requires little effort, but concrete or a loaded plaster, a lot! You, therefore, need a certain amount of power depending on your work. This is related to the torque of the machine. If you want a versatile tool that allow you to work with all materials, aim for at least 1,300 watts.
  • Mixing capacity
The second data to determine, is the mixing capacity; it is indicated in kilos on the product sheets and it indicates the maximum weight you can mix without risk of overheating the motor or incident. There is no need to have a capacity of 90 kg for occasional work in your house, 30 kg is more than enough.
  • Speed of rotation
Finally, a mixer is characterized by its rotational speed, in revolutions per minute. Top-of-the-line models exceed 700 rpm, but 500 rpm is perfectly suitable for any job, as long as the motor is of good quality.
Note: A mixer with a soft start is a good buy, it prevents you from splashing half your materials on the walls!

Why Ronix?

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Paddle mixer

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