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What are Hex keys & Torx Keys?

Hand Tools are offered in different sizes and applications. They range from big and multi-functional ones to small and simple ones. As complicated and heavy tools are required for doing tasks, small-sized and simple ones are essential for having jobs done perfectly. Hex Keys and Torx Keys are among the miniature fastening items that can handle a wide range of tasks easily despite their simplicity. 
Hex Key Wrenches, also known as an Allen wrench/key, is a shaft with 6 sides of the same diameter on each side. This allows it to be used with both ends. Forming an elbow, it is given the shape of an "L". But the Allen Key can also have a "Y", "S" or "T" shape. However, the "L" shape offers the advantage of creating a lever arm that can lean differently, depending on whether the long or short stem is used. This makes a hex key set perfect for use in tight spaces. They are also applied in cycling, where bicycles, frames, brakes, or gear-shifting systems. 
Torx Key Wrenches, on the other side, are portable spanners with star-shaped heads. That’s why they are also called Star Keys. They are used in a variety of devices such as cell phones, computers, and appliances. They are also found in machinery used in construction, factories, mechanical assemblies, and motorcycles. 
Due to their size, weight, and unique design, both can perform quick and efficient work. So, any skilled handy person in most fields needs to have one or a set of them.

Wholesale Hex and Torx Keys, Beneficial Picks

As the two types of wrenches are so popular and desired in technical jobs, many resellers and retailers will go for distributors and importers that provide five-star collections of them. Then, equipping customers with wholesale packages of Hex and Torx Spanners would be highly beneficial for tool wholesalers; delivering financial profits and customer attraction benefits as well. 
However, those in the wholesale industry, have to get through some challenges to find the most suitable hex and Torx key manufacturers.

Challenges in the Tools Market

There are a lot of tool manufacturers on the market, and each one makes its version of Hex and Torx Keys at different prices and with different levels of quality. But finding a balance between the two factors is not so easy for brands. Usually, high-quality brands need to be more reasonable and economical tools typically cannot meet the expectations of professional users. This is highly challenging for wholesalers to find the best match for their customers’ demands. 
That’s why we at Ronix have worked on a solution that helps customers overcome problems and find the best option quickly. 

Why Ronix?

As one of the international manufacturers, Ronix’s main mission is to produce a variety of first-rate tools at fair prices. The quality check takes place in all 500 factories of Ronix in 12 countries. A professional QC is in charge of examining standards. It surveys the entire production line and field tests them to ensure practicality. That’s why all Ronix Hex and Torx keys, deliver beneficial features such as: 
•    Being anti-corrosion
•    Made of resistant materials like Chrome-Vanadium steel 
•    Hardened ends for extra high torque during operations
•    Capable of full-depth fit and maximum contact with the Allen or star-like to prevent slippage and stripping of the socket  
One of the other advantages of Ronix Hex and Torx Keys is that they are offered at highly affordable prices and in variable versions and you can choose easily from our broad collection. 
So, if you want to make a purchase, do not hesitate to register your request online and your orders will be ready to load and ship in 2 weeks! 

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