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Are you considering to invest and create value in the tools industry?

Are you considering to invest and create value in the tools industry?

Foot pump: a powerful all-season solution

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Foot pump

All About Foot Pumps

All About Foot Pumps

All about foot pumps

A powerful device is a piece of equipment that utilizes the foot to move either air or liquids. It has numerous uses, including blowing up inflatable rafts, charging air mattresses, pulling water out of a tiny tank, blowing up bicycle wheels, etc. Although there are many different versions of this type of machine, they all operate on the same principle of up-and-down pedal action.
foot pumps
Foot Pumps

Different Types of Foot Pumps; pros and cons

As it mentioned above, there are several types of foot air pumps available on the market. Each type of pump is designed for a specific purpose and has its own advantages and disadvantages.
· Cylinder foot pump
These are designed to produce a simple action: create a mechanical movement to transmit all the power and perform a push movement. Under the effect of weight, the cylinder returns to its initial position. It all depends on the amount of motion required for the return.
· The foot pump with stand
This model is just like a manual pump. In other words, you must pump with your hand to obtain the desired pressure. The principle of this machine is simple: its stand is placed on the ground; you have to put your feet on the stand so that the tool stays in place. This device is equipped with a pressure gauge on which you can read the pressure level. It is displayed in psi and bar. To pump, pull and push the handle. The action causes the piston to move up and down. This movement allows the machine to produce air that will be transferred to the tire of your bike. Whatever your bike, the foot air pump with a stand is the most balanced and suitable for the successful inflation of your tires. Plus, it's easy to store. You can store it in the garage, in a closet, etc. When you go for a ride, it can easily be put in the trunk of your car.
· The foot pump with pressure gauge
Specifically adapted for use with the Schrader valves, the foot pump with pressure gauge is operated with the foot. It can even be used to inflate a car tire. When using it, you should alternate between the two feet to reduce fatigue. If you have a Preta valve, an adapter is required.
· The electric foot pumps
The electric type of this machine is a kind of compressor. This pump is intended for many applications such as inflating a bicycle or car tire, a mattress, a toy, etc. The biggest advantage of this device is that it does not require any special physical effort. It is more expensive than other types of pumps; however, the price is still affordable. This practical tool is very versatile and you can refill it at will.
Foot Pump

Why Ronix?

For those of you who are distributors and importers of tools who want to boost business, the key is to know what your customers are really expecting from a foot pump:

  • The compatibility
  • The lightness of the tool
  • Stability

As a leading tool manufacturer and supplier, Ronix provides the best foot pumps in its class. These multi-functional tools are ideal for bike tires, air mattress, sport ball, and other inflatables and their light weights make them perfect for indoor and outdoor uses. On the other hand, Ronix presents these practical tools with suitable materials at very reasonable prices that will suit any customer's budget. Complimentary publicity offers are another benefit that you can take advantage of when ordering our wholesale foot pumps. Remember, it's always our job to support you. Check out our products without hesitation. Besides, if you plan to invest in our online products, don't worry, they will be prepared to be loaded and shipped in just two weeks. Plus, thanks to our 30,000 m2 warehouse, all our products are available at any time, so you don't have to obsess about running out of stock.

Foot Pump

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