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Generators: Power Genie in the Lamp

As all factories, workshops, and business units depend on power to operate, inevitable outages caused by natural disasters or infrastructure repairs can inflict heavy costs on them. From heavy machinery in production and assembly lines to light-duty equipment used in construction, even the shortest of electric interruptions can mean a huge loss of time and money.
The tool industry has identified and contained this threat by producing portable generators that help users take hold of power anywhere and anytime. In times of emergency or in job sites deprived of power, portable generators turn mechanical energy into electrical power to help businesses keep their lights on.

Power is Money!

Portable generators are of use in multiple fields and situations. These must-have power tools guarantee continuous productivity in manufacturing industries and construction projects and save lives in hospitals and clinics. In addition to the high demand for this mobile power plant in the industrial and healthcare sector, portable generators for home use or camping are also popular and fast selling. Therefore, investing in portable generators can be a truly profitable deal for Tool distributors and importers.

Portable Generators: Pros & Cons

The main benefit of owning a portable generator is having power at your disposal, regardless of the time and place. However, it does not stop there! These machines:
• Keep your devices safe by preventing voltage fluctuations
• are compact
• save energy
• are easy-to-use
Having said that, portable generators with 2-stroke engines produce exhaust that is toxic and dangerous so they cannot be used indoors, especially without proper air conditioning.

Best Portable Generators at Your Service

Weight and portability, fuel tank capacity, noise level, and safety features are probably the most important factors each user considers when buying a generator. With minimum noise and vibration, Ronix portable generators are capable of continuous operation without overheating. Some of the most highlighted features of these machines are:
• High performance
Their 2 or 4-stroke high-power engines deliver outstanding performance.
• Long hours of continuous work
These generators’ large fuel tank provides enough energy for a long run-time.
• copper-wound generator head
Their 100% copper-wound generator head allows continuous operation without overheating.
• Low oil alerting system
They are equipped with a low oil alerting system for more protection of the motor and a longer lifetime.
Our efficient generators come with a special compact design for more convenience and reliable portability and are Ideal for workshops and light-duty industrial usage.

Why Ronix?

For customers who prioritize exceptional quality above all else, Ronix is the best bet. Like all our other products, we provide customers with generators that live up to their higher standards. Our QC team constantly monitors the manufacturing process to prevent all possible faults.
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