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Are you considering to invest and create value in the tools industry?

Are you considering to invest and create value in the tools industry?

Pump Up your Sales with Premium Power Bits

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Power Bits: Experience Smart Screwdriving

Tightening and loosening screws is a simple yet essential task that construction workers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, engineers, auto mechanics, maintenance workers, and even DIYers all share. Manual screwdrivers might be the basic tool to get this job done but with the rise in market demand and technological advancements, electric, cordless and pneumatic versions of this versatile hand tool also emerged. To get fixed on a fastener and turn it effectively, these drivers depend on one basic type of accessory which is power bits.
Power bits allow the user to loosen or fasten a fastener quickly, easily, and without much effort. That explains why they are a popular accessory among different users ranging from carpet installers, metal workers, and general contractors to handymen. Belong on the list of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), wholesale power bits are subject to fast consumption and high demand which makes them a money-making business for tool distributors and importers.

Different Power Bit Materials

Power bits whether they are used for drilling or screw driving, should be made of durable and high-quality material. The material that these accessories are made out of also depends on the material of the workpiece. They are used on a diverse array of materials such as concrete, masonry, bricks, metal, and wood. For example, using carbide bits for metal is popular and common as they reduce damage. Steel bits are also extremely popular because of their durability.

Durable and Productive

The majority of screwdriver bits fall under the following two categories:
  • Insert
  • Power
Power bits are:
  • More durable
  • Held more tightly by the bit holders
  • Of longer length that extends the working range of the tool
However, customers who are after a more affordable choice should go for insert models.

Ronix Power Bits: A Solution for The Pickiest Users

The quality of the power bits you use will directly impact the outcome of your driving tasks. There are plenty of manufacturers on the tool market that all produce bits that look the same but even the slightest details can make a difference. Therefore, picky customers might find it difficult to find a brand they can trust with everything. But the search is over!

As a reliable tool manufacturer and supplier, Ronix appreciates the important role even the smallest of accessories play in getting a job done faultlessly. In line with this belief, we provide the market with world-class power bits with:

  • S2 alloy steel body for maximum strength and durability
  • High resistance against corrosion and strike
  • Magnetic tips

EU safety, health, and environmental protection certification

Why Ronix?

Customers who pick Ronix over other super brands, choose an incredible variety of premium products offered at unparalleled reasonable prices.

Our tools are well-made and long-lasting. Made with cutting-edge technology, they are engineered to deliver the greatest performance possible.

As a rule of thumb, the price of a product mirrors its quality but we prove you wrong by offering tools with the highest quality at an unbelievably fair price.

Another factor that makes Ronix tools the preferred option for most customers is the incredible diversity of our collections. With more than 2000 kinds of tools and 34000 spare parts, our huge fully-stocked warehouse never falls short of delivering what each customer is looking for. 

This outstanding quality, unparalleled affordability, and incredible variety might be enough reason for any tool importer and distributor to invest in the profit potential of Ronix wholesale power bits but it does not stop here. Our company also offers them FREE advertising services customized in the language of their choice to ensure their business growth!

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