wholesale tape measures

Wholesale Tape Measures

Do you want to bulk buy tape measures and look for a reliable supplier? Go no further. Ronix is an ideal tape measures supplier to provide you with the best quality coupled with variety, affordability the most supportive customer service, that ensures you a safe purchase and customer satisfaction. To check the options, you have in Ronix, scroll down 

Are you considering to invest and create value in the tools industry?

Are you considering to invest and create value in the tools industry?

Bulk Buy Tape Measures that Fly of the Shelves

Before placing an order on bulk tape measures, it's crucial to delve into their popularity, the various types available, and the diverse applications that they each serve. This comprehensive guide equips you with all the essential information to make an informed decision. From understanding user preferences to evaluating key features, and why selecting Ronix as your wholesale tool supplier is a strategic move that pays off. Scroll down to read more about buying measuring tapes in bulk from us.

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Why Tape Measure Suppliers are Essential and the Importance of These Tools!

Whether it’s building a house, sewing a dress, or making a piece of furniture, achieving the desired results depends on the accuracy of initial measurements. As the saying goes, “A good beginning makes a good ending” and in fields like construction, surveying, carpentry, plumbing, and maintenance, this good beginning starts with error-free and precise measurements. This makes tape measures an essential tool for any house, workshop, factory, or construction site. For this reason, finding the right measuring tape suppliers is one of the priorities of a hardware business.
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Used for measuring the length of something or the distance between two or more objects quickly and accurately, tape measures are a common measuring tool that engineers, tailors, and even DIYers cannot do without. As a tape measure supplier, we have good news to tell you! Thanks to the perfectionism of customers and the desire to achieve precise outcomes, investing in wholesale tape measures has a great profit potential that no tool distributor or importer can afford to ignore! Read more to find out how you can order wholesale measuring tapes from us.

Everything You Need to Know About Tape Measures

If you are ordering tape measures wholesale for the first time, there are some basics to know: Tape measures are a must-have for anyone interested in handiwork, whether amateur or professional. These tools are portable, lightweight, accurate, and practical.
As common as they are, they might be taken for granted but measuring tools come in different types and categories, each of which with its own features and applications:
  • Steel  
  • Fiberglass
  • Magnetic
  • PVC
Steel models are the most common type of measuring tape and the most durable. Fiberglass tapes are a more economical alternative and are the best choice when it comes to working around electric hazards while magnetic ones are ideal for measuring tasks involving metals. Read more to find out how you can buy tape measures in bulk from us.
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Tape Measures That Measure Up!

Although simple in structure, buying the right tape measures depends on considering many different factors like size, hook type, durability, and locking mechanism.  
As a top tool manufacturer and supplier, Ronix provides its customers with bulk measuring tapes that MEASURE UP! Let’s take a closer look at each model.
Steel Tape Measures

  • High-impact rubber case ensures their strength and durability
  • Tough, nylon-coated steel blades ensure their long service life under tough field operation
  • Metal, planetary gearing results in super-fast rewind
  • Rubber-grip shovel handles for a comfortable and rapid reeling
  • Easy-to-read printed metric grades on both sides for more convenient use
Fiberglass Tape Measures
  • They are corrosion-resistant, UV-protected, and non-conductive
  • Washable PVC-coated tape for more durability
  • 3 in 1 gear ratio offers a 3x fast tape rewind speed
Magnetic Tape Measures
  • Resistant ABS plastic case for more durability and comfort
  • True zero dual magnetic hook for enhanced stability of the blade and improved accuracy
  • Their Nylon-coated blade resists rust & corrosion and ensures a longer lifetime
  • High-effective lock system for more convenient use
  • Metal belt loop for an easy attachment to the workwear
PVC Tape Measures
  • Impact-resistant, soft-finish coated ABS housing for more durability
  • Extra-large magnetic hook for more convenient use
  • Durable nylon blade coating to withstand different job site conditions.

Remember that when buying wholesale measuring tapes from us, you have a wide range of options!


Good News for Measuring Tape Distributors!

Choosing the right supplier is often a challenge for tape measure distributors. This is where we come in! Choosing us as your supplier comes with a lot of benefits. Firstly, you can buy measuring tapes online on the Ronix website! Among our other benefits are our negotiable MOQs, our reliable and fast shipping as well as our free advertising services. Read more about our benefits!


Why Ronix?

Exporting products of the highest quality to more than 120 countries, Ronix is one of the leading players in the tool market.
Our tools are made with cutting-edge technology under the supervision of a dedicated QC team. They are engineered to last for a lifetime and fulfill all expectations.
The incredible affordability of our tools makes them the best choice for customers who have a modest budget but refuse to settle for less. Whether you want to bulk buy measuring tapes or any other product from our wide catalog, we offer some of the most competitive prices.
When it comes to variety, Ronix has so much to offer. With more than 2500 types of tools and 34000 kinds of spare parts, customers can find whatever they need in our collections.
This combination of high quality, affordability, and variety, however, is not the only thing that encourages tape measure distributors and importers or any other hardware business to choose Ronix over other super brands. We offer FREE advertising services that are customized in the language of their choice to let them rest assured about a huge increase in their sales.
Don’t hesitate to place an order for our five-star wholesale tape measure and have your package ready to load and ship in just 15 days! so If you're in need of a trustworthy measuring tape supplier, look no further. Ronix has everything you need.
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Tape Measures

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