Welcome to the Ronix Topline Series, a premier collection of heavy-duty demolition and rotary hammers designed for professionals in industrial and super industrial settings. These hammers are built to withstand heavy-duty tasks, offering reliability and strength required for demanding jobs.


Powering Industrial Precision and Performance

Born from over two decades of continuous research and hands-on experience, Ronix Topline tools are engineered to outperform the demanding requirements of heavy-duty workplace. Engineered with precision and expertise, each product in this series stands for cutting-edge performance, delivering maximum impact, optimal speed, and unparalleled durability.

Key Features of the Ronix Topline Series

Setting new standards in super-industrial tools. Engineered for ergonomic

comfort and durability, these tools ensure maximum runtime, delivering

unparalleled performance in demanding heavy-duty workspaces.

Super Industrial

Ronix Topline series aims to meet the needs of super-industrial settings by focusing on outstanding technical features and long-lasting durability.


Ronix Topline series elevates durability using enhanced raw materials, precise design, and optimized lubrication/cooling systems for long-lasting performance.

Max Runtime

Enhanced technical features in the Topline series boost runtime by 15% compared to similar tools from other brands.


Topline tools are engineered with ergonomic principles like a soft grip, anti-vibration mechanism, and die-cast magnesium or aluminum housings.

Ronix Demolition Hammers

Engineered for outstanding performance and power, Ronix demolition hammers

come in a range of weights, meeting the diverse needs of end users. These

precision-engineered tools strike a perfect balance between accuracy and


Ronix 2800: Demolition Made Efficient

. 1300 W Motor: Provides 20 J of impact energy, ideal for breaking concrete, brick, and hard materials.
. Soft Grip Handle: Offers added comfort and control during use.
. Suitable for Professionals and Homeowners: Ideal for a wide range of demolition tasks.
. Versatile and Powerful: Perfect for breaking up tough materials in various applications.

Ronix 2802: Demolish with Power and Precision

. A powerful jackhammer for demanding demolition tasks.
. 1750 W Motor: Provides immense power for pulverizing concrete, brick, and masonry.
. 48 J Impact Energy: Capable of demolishing tough materials with ease.
. Double Anti-Vibration System: Enhances operator comfort during operation.
. Durable Die-Cast Magnesium Alloy Housing: Ensures long-lasting performance and durability.

Ronix Rotary Hammers

Designed for durability and performance, these tools are engineered to
effortlessly tackle heavy-duty hammer drilling and chiseling tasks. From concrete
to masonry, experience efficiency in every use with Ronix rotary hammers.

Ronix 2712: Powering Through Any Surface, Flawlessly

. Robust 720 W Motor: Provides substantial power for efficient drilling.

. Impressive 3 J Impact Energy: Effortlessly drills through concrete, wood, and metal.

. Multi-function Operation: Perform hammer drilling for tough concrete and chiseling for tile removal or material chipping.

. Versatile Capabilities: Suitable for various tasks in construction and renovation projects.

Ronix 2742: Masterful Drilling, Effortless Power

. Designed for heavy-duty hammering and rotational tasks.

. High-Performance 1350 W Motor: Provides powerful impact energy of 13 J

. Robust Construction: Built for durability and strength in demanding tasks.

. Ergonomic Design: Ensures comfort during prolonged use for various construction and renovation projects.

. Versatile Efficiency: Suitable for drilling through concrete and masonry with ease.

Ronix 2741: Elevating Drilling Standards

. A powerful and versatile tool for drilling and hammering.
. 1250 W Motor: Delivers 10 joules of impact energy for concrete, brick, and hard materials.
. Three-Mode Operation: Easily switch between drilling, hammering, and hammer drilling.
. Versatility and Efficiency: Suited for working with concrete, brick, and other hard materials.

Compare Ronix Topline Models

Model 2800 2802 2742
Chuck Type SDS Max HEX SDS Max
Power 1300W 1750W 1350W
Chuck Size - - 40mm
Impact Energy 20J 48J 13J
Frequency 50-60Hz - -
Frequency - 50-60Hz 50-60Hz
Max Impact Rate 2400BPM 1500BPM -
Voltage 220V 220-240V 220-240V
Max Capacity in Concrete - - 40mm
Weight 7.5kg 15.5kg 8.3kg
Supplied in BMC Ronix Wheelchair BMC -
No-Load Speed - - 150-516 RPM
Impact Rate - - 3000BPM
Includes Auxiliary Ronix-design handle,Grease pot, wipping cloth, SDS Max 250*350mm flat chisel bit(1), SDS Max 250*350mm pointed chisel bit(1) Auxiliary Ronix-design handle,Grease tube, (1) Hex flat chisel bit 30*410mm, (1) Hex pointed chisel bit 410mm, wipping cloth BMC, 16* 320mm drill bit (1), 22*320mm drill bit (1), 25*350mm point chisel bit (1), 25*350mm flat chisel bit (1)
Supplied In - - "BMC "