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Are you considering to invest and create value in the tools industry?

Are you considering to invest and create value in the tools industry?

Hacksaw blades; an economical option for cutting tough materials

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Hacksaw blades

Find out more about hack-saw blades

To increase productivity in dealing with a range of different types of materials, several kinds of blades have been developed. Not everything can be sawn with any particular tool. Understanding and planning ahead about what sort of tool to use with the metal saw is key to making the necessary modifications. 
Hacksaw blades
Hacksaw blades
Having a saw that effortlessly cuts through aluminum or metal plate means that it may be totally pointless in breaking through iron bars or steel sheets. Metal is a hard and very tough material. Dealing with metal demands strength and care.  
The design of hacksaw blades is to help the user achieve a smoother and more accurate cutting experience, which is why it is important to choose the most appropriate blade for the job. It is the user’s responsibility to know how to choose the equipment that will be beneficial to them for a specific task. 

Different hacksaw blades

In general, these items cost a modest amount, but the blade you choose depends on the type of material your customers want to cut and the type of tool they have (manual or power type). This will also have a significant impact on the final price. But what are the differences between manual and power hacksaw blades?
Blades used in a manual hacksaw have finer tooth pitches which help with a smooth and precise cut. Whereas in power hacksaw blades the tooth pitch is rougher and is better for cutting larger and thicker materials. Also, the tooth shapes in a manual hacksaw blade have a specific angle to make cutting through metals and plastics easier with the force of the hand. On the other hand, power hacksaw blades have a certain geometry that is designed for high-speed cutting without wearing out.
  • Hacksaw blades can be supplied in various materials
The material of your blade is what determines its strength and durability when cutting:
Tungsten: These hacksaw blade types are typically for wood, metal, copper, aluminum, and PVC.
Carbide: The carbide is ideal for steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and zinc.
Diamond: These are suitable to cut stone, tile, marble, and ceramic.
Bimetal or HSS: They are a wonderful option for light metal.
  • The spacing of the teeth
With more teeth spacing, the chips caused by the cutting operation can be eliminated quickly and effectively from the machine. Doing so will not reduce the workflow and provides more security for the operator.
  • The length of the saw blade teeth
Longer saw teeth will allow you to make deeper cuts. Tools with long teeth are generally used for heavy work and shorter ones for finer work.
  • The number of teeth on the blade
The number of teeth that the blade has is also an important criterion for the precision of the cut and the speed of cutting the metal being worked on.
  • The shape of the teeth of the blade
Whether it's skinned ground, set ground, set milled, or wavy milled, the tooth structure also plays a big role in making a rough cut, a fine cut, a clean cut, or a fast cut.
hacksaw blade

Discover the sharpest hacksaw blade available on the market

Customers have several considerations when purchasing a hacksaw blade; among them, the power, material, and strength of the tool are the most important factors. Ronix, as a premier manufacturer and supplier of hacksaw blades, is committed to providing customers with reliable, powerful, and heavy-duty tools that make quick and easy cuts. Here are some of the most important facts about these handy tools:

  • Rugged steel body for flexibility, safety, and durability.
  • High-speed steel teeth to reduce friction and improve cutting performance.
  • Resistant to breakage and long life, ideal for steel, aluminum, plastic, and other hard materials.
  • Vacuum heat treatment to create harder edges for faster and easier cutting.

Why Ronix?

Ronix is a trusted brand that helps tool importers and distributors purchase high-quality items at reasonable prices.

Our products are developed by a leading R&D team in Germany. We also manage all the production and delivery phases and steps by following five core values: product quality, affordability, product variety, professional behavior, and after-sales service.

Certainly, the Ronix team guarantees total customer satisfaction by offering its beneficial wholesale hacksaw blades.

hacksaw blades

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