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Are you a drill importer and need a reliable drill supplier? Ronix has you covered! We offer a wide variety of high-quality drills, all accurately tested by experts and built with top-notch materials. And the best part? We keep our prices affordable. But that's not all! At Ronix, we prioritize our customers. We provide helpful customer service, ensure quick delivery, and even offer free advertising services.


Power Source

Are you considering to invest and create value in the tools industry?

Are you considering to invest and create value in the tools industry?

Variety Is Our Source of Power

Ronix company provides five-star wholesale drills for sale. These tools use 1.5 Ah, 12V lithium-ion batteries to produce significant power and high torque. They are also equipped with a 22+1 clutch setting for accurate screwing and drilling. Moreover, these machines enjoy a fast-charging system to compensate for their runtime limitations. The last but not the least, they also have a resistant and anti-shock body that ensures their safety in the face of severe blows. 

The motor of drills is either brushed or brushless. Ronix corded drills work with brushed motors and their cordless counterparts are mainly powered by brushless ones. Ronix corded and cordless drills come in 5 different categories:

Power Drills: Powered by an electric motor, these drills make holes into wood or metal by rotating bits in different sizes.

Impact drills: Equipped with percussion drilling ability, this model is perfect for tackling heavy-duty jobs and making holes in tough materials such as concrete, since it can start hammering when they encounter resistance.

Cordless Drill Driver: With their powerful, high-performance motor, these drill drivers can easily handle all of your drilling, hammer drilling, and screwing projects.

Drill Press: A drill machine (press) is a power tool for cutting round holes into metal, wood, and other materials.

Drill Set: A complete kit including different kinds of hand tools plus different sizes of drill bits, inside a Ronix-design BMC case to satisfy all your needs.

Ronix drills are supplied in BMC hard cases and include a complete range of accessories including an auxiliary exclusively designed handle, depth gauge, chuck key, battery, and fast charger.

Power drills that are defined by their use of electric motors are the most popular tool among users who plan to make holes into different materials. The popularity of these tools is growing rapidly in a way that their market is projected to reach USD 65.5 billion by 2027.

As handy as they are, the users are also big fans of power drill sets. Imagine laying your hand on electric drills and a series of useful add-ons including batteries, bits, and some of the essential hand tools. this is what sets offer you!
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Make a Profit by Buying Wholesale Drills

It’s needless to say that buying drills wholesale is a profitable deal especially if you’re a drill importer or distributor or a store owner. It’s the only way that makes sense when you want to buy anything in large quantities. It saves you time as you will get the products at a lower price and it will require less of your energy as you can choose a supplier of drills and get your business done easily. 
cordless drill 
ronix drills
Also, you can have your orders customized for you which is a privilege of which you can make use. Choosing a reputable brand ensures you get your order with the expected quality and also good customer service to accompany you along the way. So, it’s important to think long and hard before choosing a supplier for your business.

How to Find a Reliable Drill Supplier 

To find a dependable supplier of drills, you need to look for certain aspects:

•    Reputation
•    Competitive Pricing
•    Customer Service
•    On-time Shipping and Delivery
•    Knowledgeable Staff
•    Transparency and Documentation
•    Long-Term Relationship
•    Adaptability to Changes

Ronix, as a drill importer and supplier, we try our best to provide you with everything you need, and rest assured that you can easily and smoothly buy our drills wholesale and worry about nothing!

fast charging system

Fast-charging system

Anti shock body

Anti-shock body

22+1 Clutch

22+1 Clutch

Cordless drill driver

Obstacles on the Way When Buying Drills in Bulk


Obtaining anything in large quantities brings along its challenges. Like managing your finances and providing adequate storage space for the high number of tools you’re buying. But that’s not all. When you buy a tool like a drill, wholesale you need to count for the damages that might occur in the process. Ronix, as a supplier of drills, gives you the privilege of refunding you if the damage has been done in the factory. 

Also, one of the most important things that might come your way after placing your order, is a delay in the delivery and shipping process. We have a guaranteed delivery within 15 days. As long as the problem concerns the delivery, you will have our word to have it delivered on time or else we will compensate you fully.

Look No Further to Find a Drill Spare Parts Supplier 


Many of the tools, especially when they come in a kit form, have their spare parts on them. This also applies to drills but it’s not definite and you might need further parts to fully complete all your tasks. For this reason, it’s important to find a reliable spare parts supplier. it’s best if it’s actually the same supplier as your drill supplier.
To choose Ronix as your supplier, you’ll have them all in one.

How to Pay for Your Wholesale Drills

As we said, one of the challenging parts of buying drills wholesale is that you’ll need to pay a big chunk of money at once and it might be a strain on your pocket. But there are options you can consider when it comes to paying for your order in Ronix. 

1)    You can buy your drills by paying 30% of the fee at the beginning of your deal. Then, after everything’s settled, you can pay the rest 70% before the shipment.
2)    If your choice is to buy samples, the fee needs to be paid 100% upfront 

Either way, you can pay via cash or bank transfer.

Make a Bigger Profit by Investing in Ronix Drills

It’s already an investment to buy tools and but it’s not just that. Ronix, as a supplier of drills, gives you a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to buying drills wholesale. This means that choosing this brand as your supplier is a bigger investment. So, don’t hesitate to contact us and make your purchase! 

Ronix is a reputable tool manufacturer that offers finest instruments at a reasonable price. We provide our clients with quality power tools to help them get the job done. Meanwhile, drill importers and distributors can also find five-star wholesale drills within our collection of products and satisfy the needs of their customers.


Drill Press 2603

Drill Press 2603

Cordless Drill Driver 8613

Cordless Drill Driver 8613

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