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Angle Grinder for Wood-cutting: Is it Possible?
16 October 2021

Cutting Wood with Angle Grinders: Is it Possible?

A heavy-duty angle grinder can easily cut through metal, masonry, and even concrete. But is it a good idea to ...

Angle Grinder Wheels: A Beginner's Guide
21 November 2020

Angle Grinder Wheels: A Beginner’s Guide

Maximizing Angle Grinder Potential with Diverse Wheel Choices Did you know that your angle grinder can do more than just cut ...

Everything You Need to Know About Brushed Motors
13 December 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Brushed Motors

If you’ve ever seen sparks coming from a power drill’s motor cooling vents, you’ve seen Electric Brushed Motors in action. ...

best hand tools
10 April 2021

10 Best Hand Tool Brands In 2024: Latest Market Review

Forget about self-help books. Sometimes it is important to Judge a book by its cover, especially when you are in ...

A man operating angle grinder in a workshop
25 October 2021

Key Parts of an Angle Grinder and Their Applications

It's one thing to know how to use an angle grinder. Knowing about Parts of an Angle Grinder and how ...

How Does a Drill Chuck Work?
8 December 2021

How Does a Drill Chuck Work?

Drill chucks are spindle-mounted mechanisms that hold a drill or other cutting instrument. They come in keyed, keyless, and hybrid ...


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