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Are you considering to invest and create value in the tools industry?

Are you considering to invest and create value in the tools industry?

Elevate Your Business to The Next Level with First-Rate Car Jacks

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All About Car Jacks

All About Car Jacks

Car Jacks: Enjoy A Smooth Trip!

Clothes and personal stuff, credit cards, and a first aid kit might be all packed for the trip but you still won’t be ready to hit the road without a car jack. An essential tool for every car or truck owner, they come in handy whenever the driver gets a flat tire or faces any other fault that needs to be fixed. In addition to emergencies as such, these handy tools are also an integral part of any garage or auto repair shop, as mechanics need to raise cars before diagnosing and repairing their potential faults.
bottle jack RH-4903
bottle jack Rh4911

Keep Your Business Wheels Turning

All drivers depend on car jacks to keep the wheels of their cars turning. These tools are a must-have to complete different tasks ranging from changing tires to replacing the exhaust system. Be it a professional mechanic, a casual car enthusiast, or an ordinary driver, all users rely upon a portable jack to take care of potential mechanical malfunctions. As popular and fast selling as they are, such handy items are a great choice for importers and distributors who dream of outperforming their competitors and achieving more profit.

Get to know Car Jacks from A to Z 

Generally speaking, car jacks are of two kinds:
• Mechanical: Those that work by applying mechanical force to the lever
• Hydraulic: Those operated by hydraulic power
Hydraulic car jacks are preferred by many over their mechanical counterparts as they are simpler, more powerful, faster, and easier to use. Based on their shape and applications, these tools fall under two categories:
• Bottle Jacks
• Floor Jacks
Those after greater portability go for the bottle jacks and the ones looking for more stability pick their floor counterparts.

Car Floor Jacks 

Car floor jacks are the preferred choice for mechanics. Here’s why: 
Compared to their bottle counterparts, they are easier to use and clean and are more affordable and durable.
Thanks to their long control rods, they enable the user to raise cars of any size with maximum power and minimal effort. 
Last but not least, as car floor jacks have a wide base, they offer more stability and minimize the risk of the vehicle falling, so they are also a safer choice. 
floor jack
bottle jack
car floor jack

Why Ronix?

Loyal customers pick a brand based on the quality of its products, price, and diversity. A desire we strive to quench.

Here in Ronix, a large group of dedicated technicians is at work to turn the best raw material into premium tools. The tools we offer to the market have tried-and-tested quality. They are engineered for perfection and their durability and efficiency are guaranteed.

As customer satisfaction is our first priority, we have a policy to offer this exceptional quality at reasonable prices within most people's budgets. Lower prices are usually associated with low quality, but we have proved our clients otherwise.

Variety is our other secret for attracting a large number of customers from all around the world. In a world where time is money for busy people, they prefer a brand’s collection within which they can find all they need and order them all at once. A possibility offered at its best by Ronix.

FREE advertising services are what we have to offer to too distributors or importers. This promotional material will be customized in the language of the wholesalers’ choice, that guarantees significant growth in their sales.

Fast delivery is also among the services we deliver to our customers. From the moment a buyer places an order, it will take only 15 days before it is ready to load and ship.



car jack Rh-4923

car jack Rh-4923

The Ideal Car Jacks and Where to Find Them!

An ideal car jack is strong, reliable, portable and has high capacity and lifting heights. Your search for this far-fetched dream ends here! As a top manufacturer and supplier, Ronix provides the market with a variety of the most durable and strong car jacks to fulfill different needs of the customers.

Suitable for lifting heavy trucks, buses, agriculture and constructions equipment, the floor jacks of our brand have so much to offer, including:

  • Maximum Durability:

They are made of heavy-duty steel frames for maximum durability.

  • Easy access lift point:

They are long-framed for an easy access lift point.

  • Equipped with additional foot pedal control

These long-frame floor jacks are equipped with additional foot pedal control which provides quick set-up and rise.

  • Protected against dust and chips

Their wiper seals protect the hydraulic system from contaminants like dust and chips.

  • Compact design

They have a compact design which enables the user to use them in confined spaces like under low vehicles.

Furthermore, our floor car jacks are equipped with a safety-overload system for more protection and oversized swivel casters for greater mobility.

For users who are after maximum lift height, secure grip, exceptional strength, and durability, our bottle jacks are the best option. These practical tools are made of the best raw materials and are perfectly suitable for heavy-duty industrial use.

As user safety is our top priority, jack stands are also a part of our car jack collection. Made of heavy-duty steel frames, our durable stands are suitable for lifting heavy trucks and construction equipment. They have a long frame for easy access lift points and safety-overload systems and come with a compact design that makes them useful in confined spaces.

A Collection of Best-in-Class Car Jacks for Sales

We have a 30,000 m2 and fully-stocked warehouse in which you can find different types of car jacks for sale with ensured quality and efficiency.

To reach this valuable collection, all you need to do is fill out our “contact us” form. Afterward, our sales experts will communicate with you in YOUR language and help you with anything, from choosing the right products and ordering them to the marketing stage.  

Meanwhile, you can always check out Ronix car jacks for sale in our showrooms all around the world and assess their quality by yourself. 

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