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If you are a battery and charger distributor, you need to find the right supplier. Ronix tools can provide you with different chargers and batteries wholesale at competitive prices. Our products are quality-controlled to make sure they follow our high standards. 
We value our customers that’s why you can find benefits here that you will not find elsewhere. These benefits include but are not limited to negotiable MOQs, fast shipping, and free branding services for your business. Read more.

Are you considering to invest and create value in the tools industry?

Are you considering to invest and create value in the tools industry?

Power Up Your Business with Premier Batteries and Chargers Suppliers

Step into the world of buying lots of power stuff at once! We're talking about wholesale batteries and chargers– the big, budget-friendly way to keep your business buzzing with energy. Imagine getting top-quality batteries and chargers in bulk, no matter if you're into tech, gadgets, or big machines. It's like turning on a bright light to make your business smarter, cooler, and more successful.
Achieving success in your business requires a dependable and expert supplier who not only supports your growth but also guides you toward optimal success. Enter Ronix, recognized as one of the market's premier suppliers. We stand ready to assist you in navigating the path to business expansion and achieving remarkable success. With Ronix, you're not just finding a supplier; you're discovering a partner dedicated to propelling your business to new heights.

Batteries and Charger

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Batteries and Chargers

Batteries and Chargers

Batteries And Chargers: Keep Your Tools Loaded

Portable, safe, and easy to hold, cordless tools are growing in popularity. They give users the very much-needed freedom of movement on any Jobsite and eliminate the risk of tripping over wires which is an imminent danger while working with corded equipment. These tools which are popular among professional users and DIYers alike, all depend on batteries and chargers to keep working.
Batteries & Chargers

Essential and Profitable

Construction workers, engineers, technicians, carpenters, furniture makers, or anyone who wishes to complete a task in tight spaces with no power socket available would need batteries as a source of energy and chargers as their means of refill. Therefore, these essential power tool accessories are among the top-selling products of the tool industry that any ambitious tool distributor and importer should consider investing in.

Everything About; Batteries and Chargers

Cordless tools run on rechargeable battery technologies that are of three types:
· Nickle Cadmium
· Nickle Metal Hydride
· Lithium-Ion
Lithium-ion batteries are favored over the other two technologies as they:
· Are Lighter
· Have A Lower Self-Discharge Rate
· Are More Environment-Friendly
· Require Less Maintenance
· Have No Memory Effect
· Are Tolerant of a Broad Range of Temperatures
Rechargeable batteries that have a lower discharge rate, lose less charge when not in use, and the ones that are not susceptible to the memory effect, do not have to be drained completely each time to remember their true capacity.
The most desirable chargers used to refill these batteries are the fast ones as they deliver:
· Maximum Productivity
· Less Downtime
· More Convenience
The diverse range of tool batteries  has sparked a lot of excitement for the batterie and charger importer . They are highly motivated to expand their business with these products.

Interchangeable and Efficient: The Best Batteries and Chargers Available

As a reputed battery manufacturer and supplier, we provide the market with some of the lightest lithium-ion batteries for cordless tools. The good news is that these batteries are interchangeable and by getting one the users can power up all the 20V Ronix lasting series. Some of the most useful features of this collection include:

No Memory Effect: Our powerful and reliable batteries have no memory effect which results in maximum productivity and less downtime.

Long Run-Time: These Compact Lithium-Ion packs provide longer run-time than standard 20V battery


A Low Self-Discharge Rate: They have a low self-discharge rate that increases their service life and efficiency

LED battery indicator: Thanks to LED battery indicators, you can keep track of their capacity all the time

Moreover, as a top charger manufacturer, Ronix has some of the best constant current suppliers in store. These charges come with a fast-charging system for a full charge in minimum time and are compatible with all Ronix 20V Lithium-ion Batteries.

The other exciting features of these products include:

Built-in safety features: They are equipped with Built-in safety features designed to prevent your battery from overcharging, overcurrent, or overheating during use

Long cables: These chargers have long cables for a more convenient use

LED charging status lights: There are LED lights that let you know exactly when to get back to work

Why Ronix?

There are so many reasons why many customers in more than 90 countries favor Ronix over other super tool brands. Made with cutting-edge technology, our tools have a tried-and-tested quality that ensures maximum performance and incredible durability.

The affordability of the products we offer to the market is another factor that attracts plenty of customers. Our company has chosen the untrodden path of bridging between high quality and affordability which do not normally go together.

The incredible variety of our products has amazed the users. We have more than 2000 types of tools and 34000 types of spare parts to offer, all gathered in a fully-stocked 30,000m2 warehouse that will never lack any tool. The good news is that the customers who cannot find what they need within our diverse collections can order them to be made in no time!

As far as tool distributors and importers are concerned, we have a big surprise in store that will guarantee an increase in their sales. Those who are interested in tool batteries  and who order wholesale batteries and chargers from us will be provided with FREE advertising services, customized in the language of their choice!


Power Tool Batteries for Sale

Ronix offers a great deal of power tool batteries for sale as you know. To buy them, all you need is to regard all the data above and then go through the process mentioned later:

First, enter the Contact Us section on the Ronix website and fill up the form. Then, our experts will contact to send you the price list and catalogs, so you can have the entire information about the entire power tool batteries we offer for sale.  

As soon as you expressed your confirmation, your orders will be registered in your list. For making a payment, you do not need to pay the entire price in advance. However, you just pay 30% upfront, with the remaining 70% due when your orders are ready to be shipped to your country. 

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