Fast Charger- 22V,2.2A + 2.2A (Dual Model)

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The main reason why cordless tools are widely used and are gradually taking over corded tools is the portable power source on the device. Since they do not need to be plugged into a power outlet, they can be used until they die. This is the time when chargers start to play their role. It is important to note that the battery can only store a limited amount of energy and when it is depleted, it must be recharged; so, a battery charger is an essential part of your power tool. The Ronix dual fast charger with 22V gives two batteries full power in the minimum of time simultaneously and won't let you fall behind your plan thanks to the fast-charging system. To keep you informed about the batteries' charge status, the chargers are equipped with an LED charge indicator that shows you when your battery is fully charged. Even if you forget to unplug the charger, you don't need to worry about overcharging, overcharging, and overcurrent thanks to the built-in safety system. It results in increasing battery life. Last but not least, this compact power pack is compatible with all 20V Ronix 89 Series tools, they also are known as Long-Lasting Series. In case you need to keep the battery by your side while charging and you’re far from the power outlet, don’t worry! Ronix charger has a 1.8-meter cable length for more convenient use.
Fast Charger- 22V,2.2A + 2.2A (Dual Model)_details

Detailed Description

Ronix Tools produces and distributes its fast chargers, as well as all of its tools and accessories, with a quality unmatched in the global tool market. One of the best-performing chargers in the tool market is a 22-volt dual-model fast charger. The Ronix 8994 fast charger has two ports so it can charge two batteries at the same time.

Ronix 8994, 22V 2.2Ah Dual Fast Charger:

With the Ronix 8994 fast charger, you can fully charge all 20V 89 series batteries from this brand in minimal time. You can easily use the Ronix 8994 Dual Fast Charger without worrying about overcharging, excessive current input, or heating the battery during use. Find out more about the features of this product below.

Input and output voltage:

The input voltage of the Ronix 8994 fast charger is 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz and the output voltage of this device is 22 volts, 2.2 Amps for two outputs.


The Ronix 8994 is equipped with a fast-charging system. It has an LED indicator showing when the battery is fully charged. This handy tool has built-in safety features to prevent overcharging, overcurrent, or overheating of the battery during use. Besides, it has a 1.8-meter cable for convenient use.


The Ronix 8994 fast charger comes in a color box designed by Ronix. With this feature, you can take your tool anywhere without worrying about it getting damaged.


-A dual port fast charger, charges 2 batteries at the same time
-Compatible with all Ronix 20V Lithium-ion Battery
-Fast charging system gives you the full charge in minimum time
-LED charging status lights let you know exactly when to get back to work
-Built-in safety features designed to prevent your battery from overcharging, over current, or overheating during use
-1.8 meter cable length for more convenient use


Input voltage
(22V 2.2A)*2
Plug Length
1.8 m
Supplied In
Ronix Color Box

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