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Are you considering to invest and create value in the tools industry?

Are you considering to invest and create value in the tools industry?

Bolt cutters; are great ideas for cutting tough materials with ease!

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Bolt cutters

All About Bolt Cutters

All About Bolt Cutters

This is why bolt cutters exist

When it comes to breaking a padlock, chain, wire rope or any other solid metal, the bolt cutter is the answer. Built with sturdy, robust jaws and rugged steel handles, the efficiency and durability of this versatile product is beyond doubt!
Apart from cutting bolts, these sorts of chunky items with extended arms are useful cutting devices on construction sites and workplaces. 
Bolt cutters
Bolt cutters
This reliable machine is mostly employed:
•    In the building industry, for trimming wire and other twisted irons;
•    In ironwork to cut metal bars;
•    In electricity to cut large diameter electric cables;
•    In various uses such as for breaking a padlock, a chain, etc.
It is not recommended to cut alloys such as stainless steel or HSS tools without protective glasses because these metals are likely to burst under pressure.

Use a Bolt Cutter When You’re Locked Out

Bolt cutters are popular tools for opening up your way whenever you’re locked in or out. People usually lose their keys to old storage unit padlocks. Padlocks also get rusted a lot. For all these situations, you can use a bolt cutter for padlocks. Our bolt cutters are perfect tools for cutting padlocks. When you are using a bolt cutter in this situation make sure that you use the cutter close to the shackle to open the lock more easily.

Types of bolt cutters

There are several types of bolt cutters, here we will look at all various types and their functions. 
•    The manual bolt cutter
•    The electric model
•    And the cordless design
These practical machines are indispensable devices for the amateur or professional handyman. However, there are different models, each of them adapted to a specific situation. For example, some of them can be very useful when performing a cutting operation on a thin metal object or removing a bolt that is stuck in a wooden door, while other versions are meant to cut robust metals. It is necessary to use a special device for a particular task.
bolt cutters

Cons and pros of bolt cutter

The best feature of the manual bolt cutter is its convenience and affordability.

All you have to do is pull the trigger to run the device over the metal surface you want to cut the bolts from.

Electric models have a higher price tag than manual models, but they are much easier to use, as you only need to push a button to cut a certain material. 

There are many manufacturers offering numerous designs on the market, suitable for various types of surfaces, like hard metal, plastic, or wood.

Time to choose the ideal supplier

There is a wide range of bolt cutter suppliers, but top manufacturers are distinguished by the following qualities:

  • The cutting capacity

This information is provided by the manufacturers and corresponds to the thickness of the part that can be cut with a tool of this type.

  • The size

The size of the tool, the length of the handle, and the power of the lever are directly related to the cutting capacity of the tool.

  • The jaw

It is not always available, since it represents the life of the tool and also its capacity to cut very resistant metals.

Why Ronix?

Supplying a best-in-class but affordable wholesale bolt cutter set to customers is quite an evident plus for importers, distributors, and wholesalers

You can find on our site the selection of Ronix bolt cutter sets that could suit your customers' needs all of which allow them to cut a padlock quite easily. These models are robust, durable, and have well-made jaws.

In order to figure out which designs are the most practical and convenient to use, our R&D experts will assist you in making a choice between various products before the final purchase is made.

The good thing about the Ronix brand is not only the high quality of its products. There are even more values: Product variety, proficiency, customer service, fair price, and free promotion are further chances you can profit from when placing an order for our bolt cutters wholesale.

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Bolt cutters

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