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Ronix presents a comprehensive selection of wholesale coil hoses, engineered for professional-grade performance. Ideal for various applications, our coil hoses offer flexibility and durability. Simplify your procurement process and enhance productivity by purchasing bulk coil hoses from Ronix. Explore our collection to find the perfect solution for your needs. Trust Ronix for top-quality coil hoses designed to meet the demands of your toughest projects.

Are you considering to invest and create value in the tools industry?

Are you considering to invest and create value in the tools industry?

High-Quality Coil Hoses to Give Your Business A Breath of Fresh Air

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Coil Hoses

Coil Hoses

Coil Hoses

Coil Hose: Keep Your Air Tools Pumped Up!

In recent years, pneumatic tools have gained popularity as a less expensive and more durable alternative to their electric counterparts. They are widely used in factories, construction sites, workshops, auto repair shops, etc. Unlike other power tools that depend on electricity or gasoline to work, pneumatic tools use air as their fuel and need to be attached to an air compressor to run, a connection that can only be secured by the means of an essential tool called coil hose. 
Coil Hoses
Coil Hoses
As bridges through which the compressed air reaches a pneumatic tool, using coil hoses are an efficient and convenient option when it comes to working with nailers, sprayers, staple guns and other air tools. Their spring-shaped design make them easier to work with in tight and confined spots. The popularity of these versatile accessories makes them a great choice for all the tool distributors and importers who want to widen their profit margins. 

Everything about Pneumatic Coil Hoses

Despite their simplicity, pneumatic tools cannot operate without air hoses. These accessories come in two general types of standard and coiled. A pneumatic coil hose is preferred by many users as it:
  • Does not get tangled
  • Is more durable
  • Can be used in tight spaces
  • Is easier to store, carry and use
A pneumatic coil hose, also known as coiled air hose or recoil hose, offers you a more flexible and retractable link between your pneumatic tool and the air source.
They usually come in durable, flexible and resistant materials like polyurethane, nylon, or rubber. Their unique design holds it in a compact status when not in use and extend when needed.
When it comes to buying coil air hoses, customers consider many factors to get whatever fits their needs better, the most important one of which is the type of material used: Coil hoses are either made of polyethylene or PVC. For an occasional use, the ideal hoses are polyethylene ones while for a more intensive usage PVC models would be the best choice.
The other determining features include:
•    Length
•    Max hose pressure
•    Coupler type
•    Abrasion and wear resistance
•    Spring thickness
Coil Hose

The Search for the Perfect Coil Hose Is Over!

Since there are many different manufacturers competing in tool market, choosing the best brand of coil hoses might seem challenging but we’ve got a solution for that problem.

The pros of Ronix coil hoses

As a top tool manufacturer and supplier, ronix offers world-class coil hoses that are:

  • Constructed from 5x8mm lightweight polyurethane (PU) for extra strength and longevity
  • Resistance to abrasion, weathering, and most oils and fuels
  • Equipped with Long and strong spring has been connected to couplers for a greater maneuverability 
  • Capable of staying flexible even in cold weather, which reduces user fatigue and helps protect delicate objects
  • Able to deliver Maximum pressure rating of 8 bar
  • Equipped with big body 2-touch Japanese type couplers 

why Ronix?

Providing a package of excellence in quality, pricing, and diversity is a luxury not all tool brands can afford. By striving to recognize and satisfy our consumer

expectations, we have created a brand you can trust with everything.  

Our products' quality is inspected and ensured by a dedicated QC personnel. These well-made tools are engineered to last for a lifetime and deliver the greatest performance possible. 

Ronix tools are an exception to the rule that the price of a product mirrors its quality. Our philosophy is to provide high-quality goods at such affordable prices that even those on small budgets may afford. 

Another factor that makes Ronix tools the preferred option for most buyers is the vast variety of our collections. With more than 2000 kind of tools and 34000 spare parts, and a 30000m2 warehouse that is always fully-stocked, we never let no customer down in finding what they need. 

As if outstanding quality, unparalleled affordability and incredible variety was not enough to widen the profit margins of those tool distributors and importers who invest on our products, we offer them FREE advertising services customized in the language of their choice!

Place your order NOW and have it ready to load and ship within the next two weeks!

Coil Hose

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