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Welcome to Ronix, your premier sprayer supplier offering bulk solutions for professionals. Our wholesale sprayers are precisely created for accuracy and toughness, guaranteeing efficient application across various industries. From painting to gardening, our bulk sprayers deliver consistent performance. Trust Ronix to be your reliable partner in sourcing top-quality sprayers in bulk, designed to simplify your projects and improve productivity. Explore our collection and discover the perfect sprayer solution for your needs.


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Are you considering to invest and create value in the tools industry?

Are you considering to invest and create value in the tools industry?

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Sprayer: Make Your Garden Thrive

As essential tools for garden care, sprayers store liquids like water and pesticides and sprinkle them at the target fast and efficiently. They are used for a wide variety of tasks ranging from irrigation to pest control and applying fertilizers. Based on their function, these hand tools come in two types:  

  • Water Sprayers

  • Hand Pressure Sprayers
Although highly popular in agriculture and gardening fields, these garden sprayers are quite versatile and can also be used for home cleaning or washing cars; therefore, they are handy and in demand and can be a profitable investment for any tool distributor or importer.
These hand pump sprayers offer several advantages to be a great assistant in your gardening and agricultural workspaces to remove dirt and pollen, spray weed killer, and apply lawn fertilizer

What are the advantages of Using Sprayers?

Getting rid of pests and unwanted grass in agricultural fields and personal gardens has become easier thanks to sprayers. However, these hand tools bring much more to the table. Some of the benefits of using them for farmers include:
  • Improved product quality
  • Accurate delivery of water and chemicals
  • Larger area covered in a shorter amount of time
Increase in crop yield.

FANTASTIC Sprayers and Where to Find Them

Weight and capacity might be the two most important factors to consider when buying a sprayer, but additional features will definitely enhance the user experience.

As a top sprayer manufacturer and supplier, Ronix offers tools made of high-quality material for distinguished durability that come with:

  • Ergonomic handles to reduce fatigue
  • Safety valves that automatically relieve extra pressure
  • high-quality nozzle to effectively adjust the intensity of the water spray
  • Guaranteed leak-proof function

Versatile spraying patterns.

Why Ronix?

As the market is filled with different brands of sprayers that each have their own features, and price tags, choosing the right one might be a challenge for farmers, tool junkies, or importers. But in a world where price mirror quality buying top-notch tools at reasonable prices is an opportunity no one wants to miss out on.

Ronix tools are born out of top-rated raw materials altered by cutting-edge technologies. Engineered to deliver the best performance, they are well-made and durable.

To quench the thirst of customers for variety, our collections contain over 2000 types of five-star tools and 34000 spare parts. All these products are always available in a fully-stocked 30000m2 warehouse and will be provided on demand.

The advantages of ordering Ronix wholesale sprayers go beyond acquiring premium items at a reasonable price. Distributors and importers who invest in these products will also be provided with FREE advertising services that can guarantee a rise in sales.

Fast delivery is also on our menu! 15 days is all it takes for orders to be ready to load and ship. So, don’t hesitate to join the club of Ronix loyal customers and enjoy all the benefits!

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