Hand-held Pressure Sprayer, 20 Liter, 1.5-4.5 Bar

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What would be more efficient than a multi-functional hand-held sprayer that can be used for a wide range of tasks like cleaning cars, watering the plants in the garden or even pet bathing! Ronix RH-6005 Hand Held Pressure Sprayer with its sturdy and non-corrosive bottle can serve much beyond these. The high-quality brass nozzle of this efficient tool is adjustable and can spray water from direct injection to fine mist spray. The lightweight of this hand-held pressure sprayer in combination with its 1.2 hose, make life easier.

Detailed Description

Pressure sprayers are versatile and are used for watering gardens, but also for removing moss and weeds. Ronix sprayers differ in terms of their capacity and the material of the spray lance, among other things. Ronix RH-6005 Hand Held Pressure Sprayer can be used for years without any sign of corrosion or damage, thanks to it highly efficient design and robust materials used in its production.

Choosing the right pressure sprayer is very important. Some of the old ones spray the liquid with a broom, but this method is inefficient and inconvenient too much solution is spent, it flies in all directions, and by the end of the work itself is wet from head to toe. And it's not water, it's pesticides that are harmful to health! Ronix sprayers are equipped with high-quality and efficient bottle, nozzle, valve and other parts to suit all the needs of the users considering the above-mentioned issues.

The high-quality PE material used in transparent bottle of Ronix RH-6005 Hand Held Pressure Sprayer allows you to see the liquid and makes you aware of remaining capacity scale. Also, for different uses, you need different types of water spray from direct injection for washing car to fine mist spray injection for irrigation of your plants in the garden. To adjust the intensity of the water to a level you want, you can easily use the high-quality brass nozzle of Ronix RH-6005 Hand Held Pressure Sprayer.

Moreover, you can use this hand held pressure sprayer for longer distances and inaccessible places, thanks to its relatively long 1.2m hose. But, in long-time uses and continuous spraying, the handle plays the essential role. Ronix RH-6005 Hand Held Pressure Sprayer’s handle is not just ergonomic, but with its helpful trigger on the handle which can be locked for continuous uses, you can trustfully do whatever you want around the home.

Last but not least, Ronix RH-6005 Hand Held Pressure Sprayer is equipped with a safety valve to make the users sure of the constant pressure of output water. Also, this multi-functional 2.6kg pressure sprayer is compatible with common fertilizers, weed killers, and pesticides.

-Highly efficient design with a sturdy and non-corrosive built that will serve you for years to come
-Made of high-quality PE material that allows you to clearly see the liquid remaining capacity scale through the transparent bottle
-The high-quality brass nozzle can adjust the intensity of the water spray from direct injection to fine mist spray
-It is equipped with a comfortable 1.2m hose and extended spray stick, which helps to spray longer distances or inaccessible places
-Ergonomic handle not only reduces fatigue, but also facilitates long-time spray operation
-The trigger at the handle can be locked for continuous spraying with a steady amount of water
-Equipped with a safety valve that automatically relieves pressure when the pressure exceeds the desired amount
-Compatible with common fertilizers, weed killers and pesticides
-Multi-function tool, ideal for cleaning cars, irrigation plants, pet bathing, home cleaning
-Can be efficiently applied for large areas


20 Liter
Pressure Release Valve


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