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Ensure precision and efficiency across your projects with Ronix, your leading wholesale laser-level distributor. We offer an extensive selection of high-quality laser levels at competitive prices, satisfying diverse needs and budgets. Our complete inventory displays various levels of functionality and range, guaranteeing you find the perfect tool for any application. Partner with Ronix and experience the power of bulk buying: optimize your operational costs, ensure continuous project flow, and elevate your accuracy to new heights. Choose Ronix and build with confidence.


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Are you considering to invest and create value in the tools industry?

Are you considering to invest and create value in the tools industry?

Boost the precision of your leveling and measuring duties with laser levels

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laser levels

All you need to know about laser levels

A laser level is an innovative tool for precision work in building and construction. Easy to use, this tool has specific features that facilitate the work of the handyman.
Often confused with the spirit level, the laser level has some similar characteristics. But it is distinguished by the presence of a light-emitting pointer that allows one to work in all the corners of one place.
 laser levels
 laser levels
Like the spirit level, this tool is also an indispensable precision tool for both professionals and do-it-yourselfers, allowing them to obtain distinct measurements, depending on needs.. Particularly professional in its use, it represents a great innovation in the construction field in terms of easy-to-use precision tools. Depending on the model chosen, the range of light from a laser level can reach up to 15 or 100 meters.

Types of laser leveling tools

There are several types of equipment, varying in use and cost. Based on your needs, discover the best laser level manufacturer on the market to meet your goals.
· Point
It allows materializing of a precise point at several meters of distance by projecting a mark on a wall or a partition. Depending on the distance, a receiver is used to perform the measurements.
· Cross
The laser beam projects a cross to mean a precise point on an obstacle.
· Line
The materialized line is perfectly straight for several meters. The level can project a perfectly horizontal line, despite the fact that the ground on which it rests is not straight. It can compensate for up to 10% of unevenness.
· Rotary
Due to its power, the rotary laser level is capable of reaching a range of up to 50 meters, and even up to 500 meters with a cell. This is why this type of construction laser is often used outdoors. It is also very practical if you have work to do indoors in very large spaces. Particularly popular in the construction industry, the rotary laser is the ideal tool to perform earthwork without difficulty. Taking the necessary marks for leveling work will be much easier if you have a good professional rotary laser level. It is also used by many masons who particularly appreciate its accuracy and stability. It can project a line at 360°. The laser used on your device will define the maximum distance at which the beam can be projected and visible. The beam can be red or green in color and sometimes requires the use of special glasses to filter part of the light spectrum and highlight the projected beam.
Depending on the manufacturer, the device can be equipped with automatic leveling. As a general rule, most self-leveling laser levels are pendulum-based for cost reasons. To simplify, imagine a pendulum with a laser beam attached. This metal pendulum is braked by magnets to stabilize it quickly enough to give you an accurate point. This makes it possible to take perfectly horizontal or vertical measurements, despite uneven ground. The price of this tool is higher and the advantage is that the laser is self-leveling; absolutely no intervention is required except to bring it into its compensation range, which usually varies between 3 and 6°.
laser levels

Outdoor Laser Level: Face the Light in The Market

Laser levels can be used indoors and outdoors. However, the daylight may affect the efficiency of an outdoor laser level. That’s why they need to have some special features that make them applicable for outdoor usage. along with the following factors, a self leveling laser level can be a big help in all your customers’ indoor and outdoor levelling.

  • Laser beam light: Laser levels that create green beams are typically used by those who level outdoors since they are easier for human eyes to see.

  • Laser level type: as we mentioned above, rotary laser levels are best to be used outdoors due to their long-distance coverage.
  • Laser class type: the class type has an impact on the laser’s power and the safety measures that the operator should take. The more the class type of the laser level, the more visible it will be in daylight.

Let's see what the pro-users are aiming for

Are you about to buy the most professional and multi-functional wholesale laser level and want to know which supplier to choose to fulfill your customers' expectations? Ronix laser level is a true reference. Versatile, it offers you the possibility to use rotation, scanner, or point functions, depending on your needs at the time. Robust and designed to resist water and dust, it will undoubtedly accompany you on all your work sites.

Why Ronix?

Ronix is one of the top manufacturers and suppliers that can fill the void of affordability and high standards of quality in the market. Here are some of the most popular features of our products:

  • They can be used for indoor and outdoor activities.
  • They can be set up quickly and effortlessly to project a horizontal plane or vertical lines.
  • They are equipped with an automatic leveling system.
  • They are equipped with an integrated locking system to be locked in place during carriage and to prevent vibrations.
  • Rugged cast housing.
  • Water and dust resistant (IP54) to guarantee years of trouble-free performance.
  • Works with a variety of related accessories to reach almost any applications with ease.
  • Ergonomic shockproof body design eliminates the risk of damage from drops or any type of impact.
  • Pendulum lock to protect the laser system during movement.

The advantages of purchasing from Ronix Tools for distributors and importers of tools are more than just product quality. We pride ourselves on supplying wholesalers with a wide range of products with which they can increase their business.

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laser levels

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