Welcome to the world of Ronix 89 Series – where power meets with portability, durability merges with innovation, and excellence is a standard. Step boldly into the future of tools that is poised to redefine performance, quality, and reliability.

All In One Batteries

Ronix 20V Lithium-ion batteries are compatible with all 89 Series tools. The batteries feature an advanced thermal management system which makes room for increased durability and improved runtime.

20v lithium-ion batteries

In addition to their great adoptability, the 20V Lithium-ion batteries incorporated in Ronix 89 series tools also feature:

Retains charge for an extended period when not in use.

Enhances efficiency and extends the service life of the battery.
Ensures safety against electrical accidents.
Reduces product weight for added user comfort.

Brushless Motors

Using magnets to generate power instead of carbon brushes gives this type of motors considerable advantages over the brushed types. These include superior heat dissipation, variable speed ranges, higher efficiency, less maintenance and an extended service life.

Ronix Knows No Limits

Portable, Ergonomic, durable and equipped with the latest technologies, Ronix 89 series of cordless tools are made to meet users’ highest expectations in terms of performance, quality, reliability and variety.

89 Series Cordless Tools, Compact and Powerful

The tools in Ronix 89 series are equipped with Lithium-ion batteries and brushless motors, ensuring more durability, higher torque and increased efficiency.

50% Longer Service Life

Brushless motors and durable bodies ensure their longer lifetime.

25% Longer Runtime

Lower downtime increases their productivity.

One Battery for All

Ronix 20V Lithium-ion batteries are compatible with all the tools in 89-Series. In addition to decreasing downtime at the jobsite, you no longer need to buy 

25% Higher Torque

Enhanced heat dissipation and reduced maintenance requirements lead to increased torque output.

Ergonomic Body Design

Non-slip handle comfortable grip for added convenience.

LED lamp

Facilitates work in low-light environments and situations that require precision.

Explore Ronix“All in One” Collection

Explore Ronix “All in One” collection for a variety of efficient, powerful, high quality, highly performant and extremely durable solutions for all your needs and expectations: