Cordless Circular Saw, 20V, 165mm-Brushless Series

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Are you wondering buying a powerful circular saw to give you perfectly straight cuts, bevel cuts, rip cuts, plunge cuts, and even cross cuts in the wood? Undoubtedly, Ronix 8902 165mm Circular Saw is one of the best choices you can consider among the diverse options you have on your mind.

Detailed Description

Motor and Mechanism
The Ronix 8902 165mm Circular Saw has a powerful and high-performance brushless motor that delivers a no-load speed of 5000 RPM for greater speed and faster cuts. This highly efficient, robust, and fast motor will also allow you to have an efficient and outstanding cutting performance. You can trust Ronix 4320 Circular Saw for fast and precise cutting in different woodworking applications. Apart from that, this perfect cutting device benefits from an electronic current limiter for overload protection in order to prevent the motor from being harmed. The soft-start switch system also ensures completely the safety of operation.

The wheel is the most important and essential part of any circular saw; so, if you would like to get clean and flawless cuts for all types of woodcutting projects, Ronix 8902 165mm Circular Saw is the best option, due to its sharp blade which lets you make cuts with the max cutting depth of 57mm at 0°, the max cutting depth of 41mm at 45˚ and cutting depth of 37mm at 50˚. Therefore, adjustable cutting depth enables different woodworking applications for different purposes. Ronix 8902 is also equipped with a spindle lock system for easy and fast wheel changing and safety mechanisms.

Ronix 8902 165mm Circular Saw with a well-balanced design for superior handling & ergonomic lightweight design improves working efficiency and reduces user fatigue. Its ergonomic soft grip also enables the user to work more conveniently. In addition to that, you can enjoy carrying out any woodworking project with a high level of accuracy in any conditions, since it is equipped with a LED light that illuminates the dark zone and brings optimal brightness in the work area.

What makes Ronix 8902 Circular Saw work continuously and efficiently is the high performance and long-life 2.0Ah and 4.0Ah, 20V Li-ion batteries which can be also used for other Ronix lasting series products such as Brushless Hammer Drill, Brushless Drill, Brushless Rotary Hammer, Mini Angle Grinder, Brushless Impact Driver, Brushless Impact Wrench, Brushless Die Grinder, and Brushless Hedge Shear. In other words, one single battery can run all the Ronix tools 89 series.

Another item that completes these batteries perfectly is the fast charging system inside the charger, which provides optimum performances in any working situation. You can charge Ronix 8902 Circular Saw by three types of chargers

20V fast charger, Output22V 2.2A
20V fast charger, Output22V 4.5
20V fast charger, Output22V 4.5A (Dual Model)
Ronix 8902 165mm Circular Saw is provided inside a Color Box, in which you can find its two batteries and three fast chargers.

To sum up, if you are looking for a powerful and high-efficient circular saw which delivers you an outstanding performance Ronix 8902 Circular Saw is one the best options you can’t miss it.

-Powerful, high performance brushless motor delivers 5000 RPM for greater speed and faster cuts
-Ergonomic light weight design improves working efficiency and reduces user fatigue
-Soft start switch system that ensures the safety of operation
-Spindle lock system for easy and fast blade changing and safety mechanism
-Ergonomic soft grip for more convenient use
-Electric break for safety of operation
-Adjustable cutting depth enables different working applications
-Electronic current limiter for overload protection 
-Equipped with LED light which illuminates the dark zone and brings optimal brightness in the work area
-Well balanced design for superior handling and performance
-Steel base plate is completely effective for the highest cutting precision


Battery Voltage
Battery Chemistry
Battery Capacity
4 Ah
Motor Type
No-Load Speed
5000 RPM
Saw Blade Diameter
Max Cutting Depth at 0°
Max Cutting Depth at 45°
Max Cutting Depth at 50°
Suplied In
Ronix color box
Hex,Guide rule





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