Circular Saw, 1500W, 4800RPM

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The Ronix 4311 is a circular saw with a strong 1500W motor that delivers 4800RPM for increased speed and quicker cuts. The lightweight and ergonomic design of this Ronix saw enhances operating productivity and reduces user fatigue. This circular saw is ideal for cutting quickly and precisely in a variety of woodworking applications. The Ronix 4311's spindle lock technology makes wheel change simple and quick, while also providing a safety feature for users. A guard has been created to help control the chip and dust wood erection. A bevel adjustment on the Ronix 4311 circular saw covers detents at 45 and 90 degrees. 

The adjustable cutting depth allows for a variety of working applications. This circular saw's well-balanced design improves handling and performance. The circular saw brushes of this Ronix circular saw are composed of carbon to make maintenance easier. Ronix 4311 is recognized for its accurate cutting, which is made possible by a steel base plate that is fully functional. This Ronix circular saw has a bigger trigger button for greater performance, as well as a lock-on button for continuous work. The dust generated by the circular saw is collected in a dust bag. Maximum comfort means less vibration, and the soft grip handle makes it easier to manage the gadget. The auxiliary handle (side handle) gives you the most control and authority over the workpiece. 

Detailed Description

If there's one tool that may assist you make the most when it comes to getting the task done correctly, it's the Ronix 4311 Circular Saw, 1500W, 4800RPM, a machine designed to rip and crosscut timber.  The Ronix 4311 is a circular saw with a powerful 1500W motor that spins at 4800RPM for faster cutting. This Ronix saw's lightweight and ergonomic design boosts productivity while reducing user fatigue. In a range of woodworking applications, this circular saw is suitable for cutting fast and precisely. The Ronix 4311's spindle lock technology allows users to replace wheels quickly and easily while also offering a safety feature. To assist control the chip and dust wood erection, a guard has been designed. The Ronix 4311 circular saw has a bevel adjustment that covers detents at 45 and 90 degrees.  Ronix 4311 Circular Saw, 1500W, 4800RPM can cut various materials such as MDF, plywood, and wood in a rotating action while spinning around an arbor. It can also cut framing timber, sheet products, roofing, metal, masonry, and more with the correct blade.

A range of working applications are possible because to the adjustable cutting depth. The well-balanced design of this circular saw increases handling and performance. To make maintenance easier, the circular saw brushes of this Ronix circular saw are made of carbon. Ronix 4311 is known for its precise cutting, which is made possible by a fully functioning steel base plate. This Ronix circular saw features a larger trigger button for improved performance and a lock-on button for continuous operation. A dust bag is used to catch the dust created by the circular saw. The soft grip handle makes it easy to control the gadget, and maximum comfort means reduced vibration.  You have the most control and influence over the workpiece using the auxiliary handle (side handle).


The Ronix 4311 Circular Saw features a high-performance 1500W engine that delivers 4800RPM of No-load RPM for quicker cuts. Ronix 4311 Circular Saw has a voltage of 220V and a frequency of 50Hz. This device's strong motor allows the user to utilize it in any project or workpiece.


A circular saw's blade might be a significant component. The Ronix 4311 has a maximum blade diameter of 190mm and can cut a maximum depth of 65mm.  The Ronix 4311 Circular Saw, 1500W, 4800RPM’s blade is measuring up to 180*1.6*2.4*40T which is separately included in the device’s-colored box.


This circular saw is a lightweight tool, weighing just 4.2kg, which helps to enhance operating productivity and reduces user fatigue. The Ronix 4311 Circular Saw is well-balanced tool, with improved handling and performance. There is a dust bag placed on the circular saw's body that helps to catch the dust generated during operation leading to the longer life of the tool.

The circular saw's accessories are included in a Ronix color box, including a ruler for measuring and leveling workpieces, a spanner for blade changes, a circular saw blade, and a pair of carbon brushes.

-Powerful, high performance 1500W motor delivers 4800 RPM for greater speed and faster cuts
-Ergonomic light weight design improves working efficiency and reduces user fatigue
-Suitable for fast and precise cutting in different woodworking applications
-Spindle lock system for easy and fast wheel changing and safety mechanism
-High-performance guard design for controlling chip and dust wood ejection
-Bevel adjustment with detents at 45 and 90 degrees
-Adjustable cutting depth enables different working applications
-Well balanced design for superior handling and performance
-Easy access carbon brush for easy maintenance
-Steel base plate is completely effective for the highest cutting precision
- Large trigger switch with lock-on button
- Dust collection system with dust bag
- Minimized vibration and soft grip handle for maximum comfort
- Side handle for maximum dominance and control on the workpiece


No Load RPM
4800 RPM
Saw Blade Diameter
Max Cutting Capacity
4.2 Kg
Ruler: 1pc Spanner: 1pc Circular saw blade 180x1.6x2.4x40T: 1pc Carbon brush: 1pair





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 The saw is easy to use and really well constructed, and it can cut up to 60mm (according to the specs).

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 I truly can't find anything wrong with this. It has worked flawlessly for months and has never failed me down. Cuts extremely straight freehand and precisely when used with a guide.

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 I can't think of anything I don't like about it. Light but strong, well-balanced. It comes with a good-quality chord that is long enough to be useful. It cuts effectively with the included blade, which may be readily replaced.

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