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Glue Guns

All About Glue Guns

All About Glue Guns

About Glue Guns

Adhesives are among the most necessary substances in different industries and crafts work. One of the most practical tools that make using them easy is Electric Glue Gun. They are portable devices that use electricity to liquefy solid glue by heating it to stick to various materials such as wood, plastic, cardboard, or paper.
There are different types of them, including:


Glue Guns
Glue Guns

Hot Melt Glue Guns

It works with high temperatures to soften the adhesive and is used for metal, wood, ABS, etc.

Low Melt Glue Guns: liquefies the paste at a lower temperature and is used for thin materials such as carton closing and boards. Since they are highly safe and easy to use, they are suitable matches for DIYers. But it is convenient for Industrial users as well.

Wholesale Glue Guns

As they are vastly required by users in different ranges of industries and fields, glue gun is a good option for distributors, importers, and wholesalers to add them to their product collections, but that’s not enough. Customers expect a practical, durable tool to accompany them in their work site for a lifetime. But all the qualities offered should be affordable enough to convince them to buy a specific glue gun. However, these two factors are not always available in the tools market because few brands can provide them; some offer reasonable prices but come short of quality, while others suggest acceptable ones, but their offerings are comparatively expensive.
Meanwhile, the market needs to bridge this gap and find a way out of this problem. That’s why Ronix is offering a solution.


Industrial Glue Gun

As its name suggests, an industrial glue gun is basically used in heavy-duty jobs such as woodworking, the automotive industry, construction, bulk packaging, and bonding heavy-craft art and architecture tasks. For offering optimized performance, the hot glue guns used in the industry should dry rapidly to maximize the work process speed. They also should provide durable bonds which are resilient against extremely high or low temperatures.
As they work under a great deal of heat, they need to be made of a durable, rigid material such as polyamide which is known for its low weight and resistance against heat. A simple user experience and an ergonomic body will make industrial glue guns ideal tools for everyone who needs strong adhesive for their jobs.

Among various manufacturers and suppliers which present Wholesale Power Tools for Sale, it might be a bit challenging to choose the best brand that fits your budget, brings high quality, covers different needs and offers a vast span of devices.

Although famous brands have high standards in production, they often miss out on affordability, which is an important factor for both end users and tool distributors. Tool brands with a focus on fair prices, on the other hand, best match modest budgets but fail to meet consumer expectations because of their poor quality.

So, it appears that you must always prioritize your needs and give up one aspect to benefit from the other, right? No! The good news is that there are always some manufacturers who can fill the gap between excellence and affordability.

Why Ronix?

Ronix offers a combination of Variety and Quality at a Fair Price. As an international tools brand, we are committed to producing high-resistant, functional, and easy-to-use tools that come in handy in most situations, from simple ones to hard-to-reach places. We deliver such quality with the help of our professional Research and Development team, responsible for quality-checking the products in all steps of the manufacturing process. Their supervision will continue even when the production is done. Afterward, they test the items in real situations to ensure their functionality in actual work sites. Of course, our glue guns are no exception to this rule

When it comes to Glue Guns, the whole checking process results in some practical features such as:

  • High-quality metal or plastic base makes them easy to stand
  • Ergonomic industrial design
  • High power for fast heating

As said above, all our tools, including Glue Guns, are offered at highly reasonable prices that a wide range of customers worldwide can easily afford.

Then, if you want to have a purchase, register your request online. And with our 30,000 m2 warehouse, you can be sure that the products will be available whenever you order. By the way, they will be ready to load and ship in less than 15 days.

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