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Are you considering to invest and create value in the tools industry?

Are you considering to invest and create value in the tools industry?

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Air Staplers

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all about air staplers

all about air staplers

Know about Air Staplers

Tools play various roles in our world. Some are to cut, some equip users with drilling or fastener driving functions or even demolish old structures, and some are to fix things together.
There are various tools and machines in charge of attaching materials; one of the most practical, powerful, and important ones is Air Staplers.
Air Staplers
Air Staplers
Also called a Pneumatic Crown Stapler and Air Compressor Staple Gun, it is a hand-held device powered by compressors. They use compressed air to insert staples into different materials. It can join different materials, especially wood, fabric, and paper. A Pneumatic Crown Stapler is known for its speed, power, and efficiency. Depending on the application, you can use an air compressor staple gun with different staple types and sizes.
It is noteworthy that a pneumatic crown stapler can be at your service to work for a long time. Because IT doesn’t need to be recharged or have its battery replaced.

It is specified for furniture renovation (fixing wallpapers), interior finishing (door frames, baseboards, moldings), exterior work (fences, garden furniture...), and packaging (closing cardboard boxes). In addition, it is also used for specific applications in wood frame construction (rain screen fastening, thermal insulation, bracing panels, etc.).

Air Staplers’ Trade; a Win-Win Deal

Considering all the features, it is appreciated by professionals and experienced handypersons for its ease of use and functionality. That’s why they can be ideal items to complete the toolbox of the DIY and Pro users, as well as importers’ and distributors’ sales collections.
Offering a high-quality but reasonable Wholesale Air Staplers package in your country is a win-win strategy for salespeople and customers. On one side, there are end-users who will enjoy the durable and practical tools at fair prices, and on the other side are suppliers who will profit from extending their market and increasing their trades. But there are still some challenges on the way…
Air Staplers

Time to Choose…

Finding the perfect Air Stapler in the market is not so easy. There are a large number of brands offering pneumatic staple guns with many different qualities and at different prices. But usually, high-quality staple guns are just affordable for some. A part of international manufacturers provides good-working tools, but their products are too expensive that many cannot manage to buy them.

On the other hand, there is a broad number of economical staplers out in the market, but the problem shows up when people start working with them. They usually cannot live up to the technical standards of an ideal stapling tool.

Of course, customers, retailers, and wholesalers will face the issue and search for an answer. Fortunately, there are some ways to fill the gap and offer a solution, and we claim that in Ronix, we are presenting one of the best ones!

Why Ronix?

As an international Tool Brand, Ronix provides customers with Air Staplers comparable to the world super brands’ tools. But in Ronix, quality comes with fair prices, which cover a wide range of demands. So, if you consider the costs, we assure you that the prices are so reasonable that all the clients can afford them.

Our Research and Development team accurately examines the whole manufacturing process so that the products will be manufactured according to Ronix’s high standards and international ones. Afterward, they would be field tested to ensure they work correctly in real situations.

This strict supervision results in excellent features that make working with our Air Stapler easier. Some of them are:

· New-tech die-cast Aluminum bodies that make them durable and resistant

· Injection grip that allows comfortable handle without slipping

· Plastic cylinder (which is more technological than the metal versions) that contains oil, so there is no need to add oil till 1 million shots

· Adjustable gauge that can house different sizes of stables

Considering the above qualities, if you are willing to buy a collection, you can order them online, and they will get ready to load and ship in Just 15 days. By the way, you don’t need to worry about products’ availability because with a 30,000 m2 Warehouse, there is always enough stock to supply you with.

Ronix Warehouse

Ronix Warehouse

Ronix Warehouse

Ronix Warehouse

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