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Are you considering to invest and create value in the tools industry?

Are you considering to invest and create value in the tools industry?

With pipe wrenches, there's no need to worry about tightening and loosening joints in tight, strange spots

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pipe wrenches

All about pipe wrenches

In the toolbox of every handyman, there are some essentials. And among the screwdrivers, pliers, and hammer, there is also the pipe wrench. Used by plumbers and even mechanics, it is useful for anyone who wants to make adjustments to their pipes.
To successfully tighten and loosen, it is important to use the proper tool at the right size.
pipe wrenches
pipe wrenches
Using a pipe wrench is not always obvious. This may be because it is generally used by craftsmen whose trade requires the use of this type of tool. This is the case in plumbing, for example. The good news is that anyone can easily use this handy product. All you need to do is master the principle of operation and you're in business. Want to learn how to choose the best tool? Find out in this overview the different types of pipe wrenches and their purposes.

Pipe wrenches types

Currently, there are approximately 6 main types, all available in numerous sizes. All of these pipe wrench sizes are strong and they are either a steel or aluminum pipe wrench. A steel pipe wrench is more suited for heavy-duty applications whereas an aluminum pipe wrench is suitable for plumping and maintenance tasks.
· End type
This tool is intended for use in very tight spaces.
· Straight model
The straight type represents the classic form of this hand tool. They are frequently referred to in daily situations.
· Compound lever version
It is primarily intended for those fittings that may become frosty or blocked due to accumulation, use, or damage.
· Strap wrench
Conventionally applied to strangely formed pieces of pipe.
· Offset pipe wrench
This item is meant for pipes that have unusual angles. There are two separate designs for an offset pipe wrench: a standard one and a heavy-duty type.
· Adjustable pipe wrench
The adjustable pipe wrench is usually referred to as adjustable wrench. It has an adjustable jaw and can be moved to fit pipes of different sizes.
Most of these come in different pipe wrench sizes.
 pipe wrench

A few tips before you choose a pipe wrench supplier

As an importer and distributor of tools, it is essential to have a few things in mind before buying a wholesale set of pipe wrenches, in order to choose the supplier that is best suited to your customers' needs.

  • The model

The traditional pipe wrench is a reliable choice. It is very durable and very effective. The jaws of the tool are adjusted by hand. There are also models of automatic types that are very effective. These models will be more expensive than those that are manually adjusted. Some models will also be lighter than others. Actually, comfort is a primary criterion when buying a wrench. Make sure that the grip is comfortable by comparing the handles, their material, and their size.

  • Standards

To ensure that the tool works properly, it is important that it meets NF, DIN, and ISO standards. If the product meets one of these three standards, it guarantees its strength. Indeed, after their manufacture, the tools are tested to verify their robustness. Note that the good quality of your tool will guarantee you great resistance in time. The Ronix team manufactures the best quality wrenches that are even guaranteed for life!

Why Ronix?

Ronix, a world-class manufacturer and supplier of tools, produces best-in-class wrenches. These versatile tools are ideal for tightening and loosening fittings, plumbing pipes, screws, bolts, and even nuts. Moreover, Ronix presents these handy tools with convenient materials at very manageable rates to suit any customer's budget. One more advantage that you can enjoy by ordering our wholesale offer is the no-cost advertising deals. On top of that, if you plan to buy our products online, our experts will send you the products in less than two weeks. In addition, thanks to our large storage area, all the items are in stock at all times.

Pipe Wrench

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