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Water sprayer

Garden water sprayer; a sustainable solution

A water sprayer is an essential tool that allows both individual and professional users to perform different tasks; but how to trust a manufacturer? There are a variety of tools that can suit your customers’ needs. Here are a few things to consider when buying a water sprayer:
  • First, ask yourself about the capacity. This can vary from 3.5 L to 16 L on average depending on the surface to be treated.
Water sprayer
Water sprayer
  • Choose a device that is easy to handle, equipped with a strap for carrying it over the shoulder, or even a backpack one with straps that hold onto the shoulders for greater comfort and freedom of movement.
  • Choose a standard garden water sprayer, or choose a fatigue-free, all-purpose pressure water sprayer.

Save water save money

Now, as you probably figured out, it's not just a matter of buying the most high-quality tool, there is another thing to consider; opt for eco-friendly tools that can keep our planet safe.
Ronix company is one of the greatest suppliers in the market that can provide products that are environmentally friendly
This is how a Ronix water sprayer pump can avoid wasting water:
This practical tool allows you to apply liquid solutions of any kind to plants, flowers, and other garden vegetation. It is used to disperse an insecticide, a fungicide, or sometimes an herbicide, and it is also used simply to water plants that require a light mist.
Because that's what it does, it transforms the liquid into fine droplets so that the active principles are more effective, and to avoid putting too much chemical products or water on the plants.
Most models are pre-pressurized, which means that they need to be pressurized to work. There is a tank filled with solution, on which a pump is mounted. The pump is operated by a handle, which is raised and lowered to activate a piston. On the top of the pump, a non-return valve will compress the air in the pump, which will push and compress the water to the trigger of the lance.
Then the users release the liquid by squeezing the trigger, and the pressure will be released progressively, allowing them to spray for several minutes without having to re-actuate the pump. The nozzle tip will then spray the water in fine drops, for controlled watering.
Water sprayer

Why Ronix?

No matter if you are a wholesaler, importer, or distributor, there are certain factors to look for a water sprayer for sale: efficiency, durability, and cost. We, the Ronix Company, by proposing 5 core values: quality of the products, variety of the products, reasonable price, professional behavior, and complete after-sales service, try to fulfill the demands of our customers.

Throughout the manufacturing of our products, a dedicated team of specialists oversees each step and controls the functionality of the products.

That's why Ronix water sprayers deliver significant advantages. Consider the ones listed below:

  • Guaranteed leak-proof function
  • Flexible to control the water flow
  • Standard fitting for most garden hoses, easy to use
  • Heavy-duty materials applied, with stable construction and Premium quality materials
  • Non-slip TPR handle, comfortable to hold in hand with ergonomic design and effectively reduces hand fatigue for long-time use
  • Ergonomic soft rubber comfort grip - means comfortable spraying

Considering the quality, affordability, and variety of our products, the time has arrived for you to benefit from our collection of water sprayer for sale.

We recommend you download and go through the catalogs of our different water sprayer models and see in detail what each of them offers. This will help you make an informed decision and have the best experience purchasing.

If you are interested in purchasing a series of products, you may place your order online, and in just 15 days they will be ready to be loaded and shipped.

Water sprayer

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