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All About Drive Pins

All About Drive Pins

Drive Pin Anchors: Make It Stick!

Drive pin anchors are used for making permanent attachments between plywood and hard materials like concrete, metal, stone, and brick. These tiny yet powerful pins are extremely versatile and can be used in different tasks; for instance, if you plan to install a plywood subfloor, all you need is a bunch of these accessories, enough predrilled holes, and a hammer to make joints that will never break. 
Making fast and permanent installations is an essential part of a task that is shared between different fields ranging from construction, interior design, renovation, and cabinet making to furniture assembly. This makes such pins a popular accessory, subject to fast consumption and high demand. Therefore, investing in the versatility and efficiency of wholesale drive pin anchors can ensure a boost in the business of any tool distributor or importer who is determined to succeed!

The Pros and Cons of Using Drive Pin Anchors

Installing stuff to anything concrete might seem a difficult thing to do but drive pin anchors can prove you wrong. In addition to being inexpensive and accessible, they are: 
•    Capable of making firm and reliable attachments 
•    Time-saving
•    Easy to use
•    Versatile 

How to Use Drive Pins?

Drive pins which are also called drive anchors or hammer drive anchors, are not hard to install. As the name hammer drive anchor suggests, you need a hammer to drive in anchors of this kind. Before doing that though, you need to drill a hole. If you want to install into masonry or concrete, you need to drill your hole with a hammer drill.
After you’ve drilled the hole and cleaned it from dust afterwards, you just hammer the top of the pin into the surface and the bottom part penetrates the wall. Make sure to insert the pin to your desired depth for your specific application. If you want a relatively flatter surface you need to push these pins further. You can now easily attach an object or fixture to the surface.

The Best-in-Class Driver Pin Anchors at A Glance

Since there are many brands in the tool market with products of different features, prices, and quality, choosing the right brand of wholesale driver pin anchors might be as hard as attaching plywood to concrete empty-handed! 

But don’t you worry because we, as a top tool manufacturer and supplier, provide you with whatever you expect from a perfect driver pin anchor. 

What we have to offer includes:

  • Very high firing power
  • Made of hardened steel nails
  • Steel washers
  • 10-cartridge for nail guns

Ronix manufactures these drive pins with AISI 1060, a standard-grade Carbon Steel 98 percent of which is iron, 0.6 percent of manganese, and the rest of carbon. 

Our driver pin anchors are supplied in 10pcs/strips, making them perfect for cartridge tools and nail guns. Furthermore, their red plastic collated covers are easy to use for heavy-duty tasks where you need tons of nails to be installed. In order to reduce manual labor and increase productivity, Ronix has produced this series with different diameters including 2.2, 3.2, 3.7, 4.2, 4.7, and 5.2 millimeters. The 2.2mm (RH-8022) is suitable for fastening tasks into metal and the rest are the best fit for concrete installations.

Why Ronix?

With more than 2000 types of five-star tools and 34000 kinds of spare parts, Ronix is committed to providing customers with effective solutions to get any job done. 

Our production line works based on fool-proof standards and the quality of its outcome is tried and tested by a dedicated QC team. 

Moreover, Ronix offers unparalleled affordability, letting even customers with modest budgets experience premium quality.  

Regarding distributors and importers, the advantages of dealing with our company go beyond superior quality and reasonable prices. We have a large fully-stocked 30000M2 warehouse in China that ensures they can always get any variety of the products they need in bulk. And they can count on us for consultations for finding the best shipping companies. 

Wholesalers who choose Ronix over other super brands will also benefit from our negotiable M.A.Q and a wide range of branding solutions, including promotional gifts and shop branding. 

Last but not least, all orders will be ready to load and ship in less than 15 days.

Don’t miss out on this great investment opportunity and place your order NOW!


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