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Are you considering to invest and create value in the tools industry?

Are you considering to invest and create value in the tools industry?

Wholesale Brad Nailers to Drive More Sales

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Brad Nailer

All About Brad Nailers

All About Brad Nailers

Brad Nailers: Endless Applications

Brad nailers which can temporarily hold small pieces of wood together, are the go-to tool for woodworkers, carpenters, DIYers, sculptures, and other wood artists. They come in handy whenever an intricate woodworking project, like creating wooden handiwork, is at hand. These handy pneumatic tools are also the best choice for a wide range of other activities ranging from crown molding, trimming, redesigning, interior design, and general repairing to other light-duty and small tasks like hanging a picture frame. 
Brad Nailer
Brad Nailer

Nail the Target!

Brad nailers are what both professional and casual users need to make clean and consistent nail holes without wasting much time. When it comes to driving a large number of thin nails, these nail guns are lifesavers. In fields like carpentry, cabinet making, or furniture assembly, these fast-selling tools result in maximum productivity by speeding up the process of connecting the wooden parts to each other. All it takes is to load the gun and shoot!

The Benefits of Using Brad Nailers

Brad nailers do not require much force for shooting nails into a surface. An 18 gauge brad nailer with its capacity to shoot thin and delicate nails, can be your buddy when doing arts and crafts and works that require more attention. These nail guns also guarantee a clean finish and are:
•    Easy to use
•    Lightweight
•    Efficient
•    Durable
Keep in mind that the higher a gauge a brad nailer has, the thinner nails it can handle.
The only drawback to this type of nail gun is that they are not strong enough for holding thick materials together and other guns should be used to that end.


Go For the Best Brad Nailers on The Market     

Because of their wide range of applications, brad nailers are remarkably popular among users. They can be pneumatic or use electricity as the power source. As the name indicates, a pneumatic brad nailer works with an air compressor and an electric brad nailer uses electricity to function.

As you know, brad nailers are a good choice for more delicate work; as they can utilize thin nails on delicate creations and are lighter than electric ones. So, if you are an artist, a craftsman or a DIYer, an 18 gauge brad nailer that works with air can be a great choice for you.

On the other hand, electric brad nailers come in corded and cordless forms. Having a cordless brad nailer enables you to work more freely. Also, if you need to work outside and far from power outlets, a cordless brad nailer is a clear choice for you.

The body and cylinder’s material, depth of drive, durability, and nailing capacity are just some of the basic factors to consider when buying this type of nail gun. Also, for different applications you need different types of nails. Therefore, you should pay attention to the gauge number so it would fit your needs. And if you are looking for the best-in-class pneumatic brad nailers, Ronix products might surprise you. 

Our top-rated air nail guns have tried-and-tested quality and many amazing features to fulfill any needs. They come with quick-release nosepieces for fast clearing of jams, adjustable depth-of-drive and: 

  • Plastic Cylinder 

These nail guns are made of the latest technology of plastic cylinders that reduces maintenance difficulties to a high extent and improves productivity.  

  • Die-cast aluminum body 

To increase durability, these pneumatic tools are made of die-cast aluminum.  

  • Low maintenance 

There is no need to add oil to their plastic cylinder till 1 million shots

  • Touch-strike security system

They are equipped with a system that ensures the user’s safety

Why Ronix?

It is hard to find high-quality, incredible variety and surprising affordability all in one tool brand but Ronix is an exception! We provide our customers with world-class brad nailers made based on strict standards, under the supervision of an experienced QC team. These air tools that are made to last will shine in personal toolboxes and on shop shelves.
As top brands offer their five-star tools for a great amount of money and the tools made for a modest budget have poor quality excellence and reasonable prices do not usually go together in the tool market, but the price tag on our premium brad nailers will prove you otherwise. 
The incredible variety in our collections is another reason that makes both air brad nail gun end users and importers choose Ronix over other well-known brands. We manufacture and supply air nail guns with different features and capacities to fulfill whatever need you or your clients might have. 
If you are a brad nailer distributor or importer you can get more than high-quality, affordability, and variety of products. Amazing right? The Orders placed for wholesale brad nailers come with free advertising services! Meaning that we will guarantee a significant increase in your sales by creating customized advertising materials like posters, banners, teasers, unboxing clips, and DIY videos to promote your Ronix products. 
Don’t hesitate to contact us. Your orders will be ready to load and ship in 15 days!

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