Air Nailer, 60 ~ 100 psi,18-gauge, 55mm

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Because of their versatile use, Air nailers and staplers have become one of the most widely used tools in construction sites and workshops. From connecting two pieces of a wooden table to building a small shed in the backyard, these tools can be quite useful in hands of a professional carpenter or a DIYer. When the use of a hammer is impossible or risks damaging the part to be nailed, many professionals turn to pneumatic nailers to fix wooden parts. Furthermore, in the modern era of efficiency, many DIYers look for ways of improving their workflow and because air nailers can attach two pieces with ease and without any physical force, their popularity has skyrocketed. With its pneumatic mechanism, the Ronix RA-1850 air nailer is no exception to this versatility and ease of use and is ready to help in your next project. Needing no electricity or any battery, this air nailer only needs a modest air compressor to function.
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Detailed Description

Ronix RA-1850, 60-100 PSI 55mm Air Nailer is a light yet powerful tool, equipped with an adjustable depth-of-drive and an injection molded grip that can deliver in any circumstance.

Ronix RA-1850, 60-100 PSI 55mm Air Nailer:

Knowing the versatility of air nailers, Ronix has made its RA-1850 air nailer model with the latest material available and the most modern safety features in mind. With its touch-strike security system for maximum safety and adjustable depth of drive, Ronix RA-1850 delivers and goes above and beyond in the safety and ease-of-use category. In this article, we will take a closer look at this air nailer’s most prominent features so you can make the best decision possible.


The body of this tool is made of high-resistant die-cast aluminum that ensures low weight as well as the body rigidity required to withstand the daily droppings and harshness of workshops and construction sites. Low weight and compact size give the Ronix RA-1850 air nailer such high portability that you can take it to any environment and workshop, without ever worrying about it fitting in your tool armory. In addition to its rigid body, the Ronix RA-1850 air nailer uses anti-sweat and anti-slip injection molded rubber to avoid any slippage from your hand. This improves safety while keeping your precision intact. Ronix RA-1850 air nailer’s dimensions are 253*255*65 mm with a weight of 1.3 kg.


Ronix RA-1850 60-100 PSI 55mm uses a magnesium cylinder that increases its rigidity and its lifespan significantly. Unlike generic air nailers in the market, which need their cylinders to be lubricated after a few shots, the Ronix RA-1850 air nailer’s cylinder is built in such a way that has a long lifespan and only needs lubrication after one million shots. This feature is achieved using new materials and techniques and results in a hassle-free operation.


Air-powered tools have a more straightforward structure with fewer moving parts which means less potential for failures and need for repair. That is why large factories use air-powered tools in their assembly line. Ronix RA-1850, 55mm air nailer only needs compressed air to operate which makes it easier to use compared to electric or battery-powered tools. Although this tool can use compressed air with a pressure of 120 PSI, the optimal air pressure range is 60 to 100 PSI.

Driver Blade:

The driver blade is the most crucial component of a nail gun or a stapler. This part travels through the cylinder and hits the nail or the pin. The quality of this blade can make or break a nail gun but when it comes to the Ronix RA-1850 air nailer’s driver blade, there’s no need to worry. This driver blade is made of flexible steel which provides more efficient performance and has high durability.


Unintentional opening or breaking of nail magazines is one of the main issues among nail guns or staplers that can render a perfectly fine tool useless. The Ronix RA-1850 air nailer has no issue in this department and can accommodate up to 100 nails ranging from 1.5 mm to 55mm nails. This magazine is made from lightweight yet durable plastic material with a TPU cover to prevent wear and tear on daily use.

Safety and utility:

Ronix RA-1850, 60-100 PSI 55mm air nailer uses a touch-strike security system that ensures the safety of the operation. This feature alongside the quick-release nosepiece offers a combination of safety and utility that is rare in the market. Using its quick-release nosepiece a user can easily clean the tool’s head and fix any jamming in the device.

Accessories and packaging:

Ronix RA-1850 air nailer comes in the iconic color box designed by Ronix in addition to several accessories. These accessories include:
•    A belt hook: for easy handling and keeping the device in the desired height.
•    A Hex wrench: for maintenance and repair of the device.
•    Oil bottle: for maintenance and oiling of the device.
•    Coil hose: for connecting the tool to an air compressor that is 5 meters long.


-Equipped with rear exhaust and injection grip
-No need to add oil to plastic cylinder till 1 million shots
-Touch-strike security system to ensure safety of operation
-Quick release nosepiece in order to cleaning the jams fast
-Adjustable depth-of-drive
-Provide with plastic magazine that makes it lighter and more durable
-A belt hook for easy carriage in height 


nailing capacity
100 pcs
nail features
Supplied In
Ronix color box
Nail head
Nail Length
belt hook, Hex wrench , coil hose, Ronix coupler (5m), oil bottle
Max Pressure
120 PSI
Required Pressure
60-100 PSI


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