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Router Bits: Helpful Workmates to All Woodworkers

An essential tool for carpenters, cabinet makers, sculptors, and hobbyist woodworkers, wood routers are used for cutting and shaping wood. Along with handy equipment like saws, sanders, and planes, they are yet another important tool in the woodworking field. No matter how much strength and accuracy these power tools deliver or how versatile they are, they still depend heavily on router bits for cutting out decorative patterns, making joins, or routing grooves.
Capable of Edging, Trimming, Grooving, veining wood, and making joints, router bits can be found in any woodworker’s toolbox. They are among the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) subject to fast consumption and high demand. For a wood router to deliver a faultless performance, its bits need to be replaced on a regular basis. As popular as these accessories are, wholesale router bits can bring more cash to the business of all tool distributors and importers.

Understanding Router Bits

Router bits offer flexibility and versatility that few other tools can. Based on the cut they leave behind, router bits are of different types, including:
  • Cove box
  • Bearing cove box
  • Bearing 45 chamfering
  • Straight
  • Rounding over
  • 90 “V” grooving
  • Roman ogee 
  • Flush Trim
All these different versions fall under 3 general categories of grooving, joinery and edge-forming bits.
Straight models are the most common type of router bits that can cut square shaped grooves to join two pieces of materials. Rounding over bits that leave round edges on a workpiece come second in popularity.  
Regardless of their shape and function, these cutting tools offer many benefits. They are:
  • Ideal for clean and high-precision cuts
  • Versatile
  • Easy to change
  • Cost-effective
  • Durable
A great driver for more creativity.
 Router Bits

Which Brand of Router Bits to Choose?

As popular and fast-selling as router bits are, plenty of manufacturers and suppliers offer their own version to the market. Therefore, it is easy to be misled by false advertising and the glamor of colorful products. But the durability and function of your set heavily depends on your choice of brand. So, it is better to make an informed choice!
As a top router bit manufacturer and supplier, we provide the market with sets including different types of cutting tools to get any task done. They each are:
  • Made of hard carbon steel and tungsten-Carbide for a higher durability
  • Equipped with a straight universal shank that easily installs into the machine for a secure fit
  • Composed of sharp cutting edges made of alloy steel material for smooth cuts.
  • Armed with high-quality bearings for better control of the cutting speed
In possession of an optimized shear angle design and a smooth mirror surface for a faster chip removal

Why Ronix?

Ronix is a rising player in the tool market that always keeps the promises it makes. We insist on the highest standards in making our products and ensure their quality by relying on a team of QC and R&D specialists.
In addition to the highest levels of performance and convenience, the customers who choose our products over other brands can enjoy unparalleled affordability. 
The enormous diversity of our collections is another factor that draws the market attention to Ronix. With more than 2000 kind of tools and 34000 spare parts, our brand is a one-stop shop for customers with different needs.
The good news is that they can always demand the immediate manufacture of everything they need but are unable to find in our collections!
Furthermore, we have a special offer for tool distributors or importers which involves providing FREE advertising services customized to the language of their choice, A unique service provided by no other supplier.
Order best-in-class wholesale router bits today, and have it ready to load and ship within 15 days.
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