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Pin anchors are hammered into pre-drilled holes. The Ronix RH-8022RH-8052 Drive Pins are robust and long-lasting, allowing them to pass through structural steel and solid concrete. This nail gun set had ten cartridges ranging in size from 2,2mm to 5,2mm, all of which were suitable for use on concrete and metal.

Detailed Description

The Ronix RH-8022~RH-8052 Drive Pins series is designed for all type of fastening applications. The RH-8022 is suitable for metal and the rest are desired to used with concrete. Using best quality in the manufacturing process of these drive pins has made them an intellectual choice for where you need asurance of your fastening project. They have been made from special steel that is precision machined and specially hardened for heavy-duty operations.

If you have a basement and you want to put wood flooring/subfloor down, you can use drive pins for this purpose. By fixing softer materials such as wood or plywood, the washer increase pull-over strength. The pre-assembled steel washers has made them resistant tu pull-over. The steel washers provide additional and increased bearing surface against the material to be fastened, which helps you to hammer down the nail with the washer flush to the surface.

Ronix has produced these drive pins based on the AISI 1060 standards, which is followed by many other manufacturers. The ASIS 1060 carbon steel is made from 98 percent of iron, 0.6 percent of manganese, and 0.5 percent of carbon. Carbon steels are steels containing carbon as the main alloying elements. There are also copper, aluminum, chromium, and molybdenum as residual elements in these steels.

The Ronix RH-8022~RH-8052 Drive Pins are supplied in 10pcs/strips which made them perfect for cartridge tools and nail guns. With red plastic collated cover, they are also easy to use by heavy-duty tasks where you need tons of nails to be installed. In order to reduce manual labor and increase productivity, Ronix has produced this series with different diameters: 2.2, 3.2, 3.7, 4.2, 4.7, and 5.2 millimeters. The 2.2mm (RH-8022) is proper for fastening into metal and the rest are suitable for concrete installations.

Whether you have construction, furniture, wood packing, decoration, or renovation, Ronix RH-8022~RH-8052 Drive Pins are designed to give many years of functionallity and service for all you fastening operations. With a reasonable price, you can achieve the most out of a simple high-quality series of drive pins.


-Very high firing power
-Nails made of hardened steel
-10-cartridge for nail guns
- with AISI 1060 standard
-Steel washers


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