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Hacksaw blades convert hand saws into versatile metal cutting tools. Comprised of hardened steel teeth bonded to a flexible metal backing, hacksaw blades are designed for cutting bars, pipes, sheets, and other metal materials. The Ronix RH-3800 is a premium hacksaw blade designed for fast, clean, and safe cutting of metal pipes, tubes, bars, and sheets. This HSS Bi-metal hacksaw blade provides exceptional hardness, sharpness, and longevity for demanding metal-cutting tasks.
The RH-3800 features hardened and tempered HSS Bi-metal teeth that remain sharp longer, allowing tighter fits and more efficient cutting. The steel is precisely ground and heat-treated to develop fine and optimal hardness without becoming brittle. Each tooth edge is carefully straightened and finished for the smooth cutting action.
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Detailed Description

The RH-3800 hacksaw blade delivers exceptional hardness, longevity, and value provided with the quality standards of Ronix Tools. HSS Bi-metal construction allows blades to bend and flex without breaking Whether for frequent cutting tasks or occasional cutting needs, the RH-3800 stands ready to achieve all cutting goals quickly, safely, and productively.

Ronix RH-3800, 12 inches Hacksaw Blade:

The Ronix RH-3800 hacksaw blade features full-hard steel and HSS Bi-metal teeth construction for fast, clean, and safe metal cutting. Hardened and tempered for exceptional hardness and sharpness, this versatile metal cutting blade delivers high performance and a prolonged lifespan at an affordable price. With efficient, controllable, and reliable cutting capability with each stroke, the RH-3800 hacksaw blade is the choice of professionals. Let’s read more about its details.

Blade Design:

The Ronix RH-3800 hacksaw blade is made of HSS Bi-metal, providing impact resistance and durability. This stiff steel blade can easily cut through various materials, including steel, aluminum, and plastics. The edge features precision-ground teeth designed to provide clean and straight cuts, even in rigid materials. The 12-inch length of the blade, with 18 teeth per inch is suitable for a wide range of applications.


The RH-3800 hacksaw blade's ergonomic design is a standout feature that sets it apart from other edges in the market. The advantage is that it is designed to be comfortable and easy to use, reducing the risk of fatigue and strain during prolonged use. The blade is ergonomically shaped, providing a secure and comfortable grip, even when working with slippery or oily materials. The lightweight design of the blade also makes it easy to maneuver and control, ensuring that you can make precise cuts with ease.

-HSS Bi-metal construction allows blades to bend and flex without breaking
-Strong steel body for being flexible and safe and long life
-High speed steel teeth for reducing friction and improving cutting performance
-Fracture resistant and extended life, ideal for steel, aluminum, plastic and other hard materials
-Vacuum heat treating creates harder edges for faster and easier cut
-18 Teeth per inch


Teeth Per Inch(TPI)

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