Corded Rotary Hammer 1250W SDS Max

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It’s time to get yourself a tool that satisfies the standard of quality you need at your job. Ronix 2741 SDS Max Corded Rotary with an amazing 1250 W motor can reach a no-load speed up to 410 RPM. It can reach an impact rate of 2600 BPM and provide an impact energy of 10 J. This product is also a versatile tool which can be set to three different functions of hammering, drilling, and hammer drilling.
Ronix 2741 has a lightweight body in comparison while also being extra resilient, mainly due to its die-cast magnesium housing. The die-cast magnesium is a light material that is also exceptionally strong and provides perfect heat-dissipation. The heat dissipation qualities are ideal for the tasks you will do with this tool because of the immense amount of heat that are generated due to these tasks.
This tool has many features implemented for the comfort of the operator. For starters it has a double anti-vibration system. This tool also comes with an auxiliary handle that can be used in all 360 degrees. The auxiliary handle is anti-vibration as well and it has a rubberized soft grip.
Furthermore, this tool is equipped with an overload safety clutch system that protects the armature and the operator in case a bit gets stuck inside the bit-holder while the tool is being used.
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Detailed Description

Ronix 2741 is a powerful beast, suitable for the most demanding heavy-duty drilling and demolition needs.

Ronix 2741 SDS Max Corded Rotary Hammer: Pick both power and safety!

The power and quality of this tool can compete with the leading brands of the industry. With anti-vibration system and its safety system, it can assure you that you will get everything you need for your operations.

Motor and Mechanism:

This device has three different functions; hammering, drilling, and hammer drilling. With its powerful 1250 W motor it can reach a maximum no-load speed of 410 RPM. The maximum impact rate is 2600 BPM and the maximum impact energy is 10J. It can connect to a 220-240 V outlet with a 50-60 Hz frequency.


The gearbox is contained inside a housing which is made of die-cast magnesium. The gearbox has a switch that lets you choose between three different functions.

Bit holder:

This tool comes with a 40mm SDS max bit holder which can hold bits and chisels with different sizes. This tool is equipped with a chisel rotation system that can adjust hammering positions and provide perfect handling and accuracy. This tool has maximum drilling capacities of 40mm, 40mm, and 13mm in wood, concrete, and steel respectively.


This tool has a weight of 7.3 Kg. The tool is housed inside a die-cast magnesium cover that is a light-weight material. The die-cast magnesium housing provides superior heat-dissipation and enhanced body strength. The tool is equipped with a double anti-vibration system and it has a 360-degree auxiliary handle that is also anti-vibration. The auxiliary handle also has a soft grip. These factors help reduce the user’s fatigue and provide the user with maximum maneuverability, comfort, and ease of use.


This tool uses a selector that lets you choose between three functions of hammering, drilling, and hammer drilling. The trigger switch of this device is anti-dust that prevents dust penetration into the inside of the tool and adds durability to the product.

Overload safety clutch system:

This tool is equipped with an overload safety clutch system that protects the armature and the operator if any bits or chisels get stuck in the workpiece during the operation.

Accessories and Packaging:

This tool comes within a BMC hard case that also contains all the essential accessories for this tool. These accessories include an SDS max 25*350mm flat chisel bit, a 25*350mm pointed chisel bit, and SDS Max drill bits with the following sizes; 16*320mm, 18*320mm, 22*320mm. Other accessories in the box include a grease bottle, a rubber protection cap, the auxiliary handle, and a depth gauge.

-High efficiency 1250W motor with 2 operation modes: Hammering and Hammering with rotation
-Die-cast magnesium housing enables light weight, superior heat dissipation and enhances body strength
-360° anti-shock auxiliary Ronix-design handle provides a wide range of movement along with operator's comfort
-Double anti-vibration system reduces operator's fatigue and improves efficiency
-Unique chisel rotation system for adjusting hammering positions
-Extraordinary demolition speed system can be absolutely comparable with leading brands in its level
-Extensive soft grip will reduce fatigue during long hours of working
-Overload safety clutch system can protect armature and ensures safety
-Electronic constant speed function for comfortable working in different operations


Chuck Type
Chuck Size
Impact Energy
Max Capacity in Concrete
Max Capacity In Wood
Max Capacity In Steel
No-Load Speed
410 RPM
Tools bag with 5 bits : 16* 320mm drill bit , 18*320mm drill bit , 22*320mm drill bit , 25*350mm point chisel bit , 25*350mm flat chisel bit , Rubber protect cap , Depth guage , Grease bottle,Auxiliary handle
Supplied In
Max Imapct Rate
2600 BPM


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