Electric Corded Drill 10mm, 420W, Keyless Chuck

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You will not be able to take care of heavy duties with it. But it is obviously clear that this power tool is the most convenient choice for any woodwork or metalwork in your house or jobsite. With its 10mm 2-sleeve keyless chuck, Ronix 2115 Electric Drill operates a 400W motor which delivers maximum rotary speed of 2900RPM and this much of power makes it a suitable device for any drilling or even screwing operations with high efficiency. Making any holes for nails and screws, installing shelves, drilling workpieces to make wooden or metal furniture, etc. can be easily done by the help of this powerful device in performance. More importantly, its super light-weight and ergonomic compact body design enables you to take it anywhere you want. If you need to get more information, just click on “Detailed Description”.

Detailed Description

Motor & Mechanism:

An efficient and high-quality motor with 400W power is placed inside Ronix 2115 Electric Drill to deliver high performance. The output of this power is the maximum rotary speed of 2900RPM which is resulted from this compact and handy drill and can be surprising for the operator. By using this super light-weight handy power drill, you can absolutely expect the best functionality in drilling AND also screwing operations. Because of its variable speed, it is specifically for different works and speed levels in order to adapt to various materials and applications.


What makes Ronix 2115 a highly efficient electric drill is its keyless chuck. This 10mm 2-sleeves keyless chuck is specifically engineered for maximum efficiency in holding different kinds of bits securely. The resulted numbers of its capacity are 25mm in wood and 10mm in steel. These numbers can be quite surprising from this compact and lightweight drill.

Body & Switches:

You will probably fall in love with 2115 by holding and working with it. The outcome of its comfortable and handy structure is convenience in long hours of working. With 1.5kg in weight, this electric drill is categorized among compact electric drills. But its small and ergonomic body design enables maximum power, delivered at its minimum weight. Its efficient performance and effective results after operating it will lead to high productivity levels in drilling and screwing applications.

On the body of Ronix 2115 Electric Drill, you can find the main switch and 2 different buttons. The On/Off switch is designed as an anti-dust trigger to reduce dust penetration at messy worksites. Also, on top of the switch, there is a button to control forward and reverse rotation functions. And to have a continuous function and reduce hand fatigue during non-stop trigger hold, a lock-on button is exactly placed behind the switch for better ergonomic use.

Even if you do not have a lot of drilling needs in your house, owning an electric drill can give you enough assurance for your future demands. Making this decision is easier for technicians who need such compact handy device for their everyday needs. Ronix 2115 Electric Drill can be the best choice for all your light-duty drilling and screwing applications.

-420W powerful motor for the best performance in drilling and screwing
-10mm 2-sleeves keyless chuck for higher efficiency
-Ergonomic small body design enables maximum power at minimum weight
-More compact structure with ergonomic grip for reducing operator's fatigue
-Variable speed control enables working at customized speeds in order to adapt to various materials and applications
-Anti-dust switch to reduce dust penetration
-Forward and reverse rotation functions
-Equipped with depth guage to ensure cutting depth


pair of carbon brushes , Depth guage
Chuck Type
Chuck Size
Max Capacity In Wood
Max Capacity In Steel
No Load RPM
0-4200 RPM
Suplied In
Ronix color box



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