Hydraulic Bottle Jack, 2 Ton

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Hydraulic jacks have been widely used in industries and they do all the heavy lifting for us. They come in many shapes, sizes and functionalities. Ronix RH-4901-4902-4903-4904-4905-4906-4907 Hydraulic Bottle Jacks are some of the most popular ones in the market. These hydraulic bottle jacks have different capacities and lifting heights but the mechanisms and the shapes are the same.
Each comes to help in a special places and operation to aid you to lift heavy machinery or loads.

Ronix Bottle Jack - 2 Ton RH-4901 with information

Detailed Description

This group of hydraulic bottle jacks operate with the same mechanism but they are different in terms of capacities and weights. Also, each one has its own lifting height which is the most important specification when it comes to usage.

These qualifications are as follow:

 Rh-4901 is a 2Ton hydraulic bottle jack with the 168mm minimum height. The lifting height capacity is 100mm which can be expanded another 48mm by adjustable height screw. Also, the net weight is 2.11Kg. 

 The strength is the most important factor in these kinds of tools and Ronix ensures that by manufacturing this group of hydraulic jacks with drop forged alloyed steel. Once they have been raised, a strong safety bar keeps them from lowering during the lifting operation.

Serrated and heat-treated saddle provides wide lifting area and secure grip. The new painted housing which is oil, grease and dirt resistant aids easy cleaning and better maintenance.     

These hydraulic bottle jacks have been designed and made of best raw materials and they are perfectly suitable for heavy-duty industrial use. 

-Drop forged alloyed steel construction for reliable strength; welded inside and out to ensure leak-free performance
-Strong safety bar keeps jack from lowering once it has been raised to maximum height
-Hydraulic bottle jack designed for heavy-duty industrial use
-Serrated, heat treated saddle provides generous lifting area and secure grip
-Advanced hydraulic system for maximum efficiency and performance
-Heat-treated and resistant screw for height adjustment
-Effortless air operation greatly reduce operator fatigue and speed up the efficiency of garage work
-A wide, rugged base provides stability and strength. All models critical stress points are reinforced for added durability and dependability
-New Painted Housing which is oil, grease and dirt resistant for easy clean up


2 Ton
Min Height
Adjustable Height
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