Laser Distance Meter, 0.2 to 100M

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Great news to engineers, reconstruction workers, window installers and whoever deals with measuring operations. Trade your own heavy reel measuring tape with a Ronix RH-9100 Laser Distance Meter and measure hard-to-access areas, such as high ceilings, without climbing a ladder and this is the most basic feature on this tool. 9100 is the most accurate laser measurer in the market with ability to ascertain distance, volume, area measurement, continuous measurement and measurements by Pythagoras which is ideal for home, construction and different industries usage.

Detailed Description

-Fully featured and powerful laser measurer features long range measuring with extreme accuracy up to ±3mm and measures distances up to 100 meter (330 feet) for professional confidence
-Equipped with Bluetooth Function which delivers Ronix Measurement Camera App (MB)operation By Downloading via App Store or Google Play for IOS &Android Systems.
-Easy-to-read backlight color display illuminates’ numbers in dark areas with distinct resolution, allowing work in low-light or no-light conditions
-180s of automatic shutdown for protecting the power
-IP54 waterproof level and dust-proof function protect the laser distance measure to the maximum extent and enables working at tough jobsite conditions such as rain or dust
-Excellent collection of features including distance, volume, area measurement, Min & Max reading, timer countdown, stake out, continuous measurement and measurement by Pythagoras make this laser meter ideal for home, construction and different industries usage
-Handy and compact mode provide good operating feeling and hard rubber body enables a good grip
-Data storage sets which can be used to view and compare measurement data after measurement
-Able to function both with metric and imperial system and also convert them
-Stake out function that shows the actual and specified distance in different colors 
-Equipped with tripod thread for easy tripod attachment
-Multi-line display function


Laser Measure Range
0.2 to 100M
±1.5mm (±0.06 inch)
Laser Class
Protection Class
IP54 (Dust/Water Proof)
Auto Laser Switch Off
Auto Unit Switch Off
Unit Dimensions (mm)
105*41*24 mm
Power Source
2 x AAA Batteries
Measuring Unit
Storage Temperature
‐20℃to 60℃
Operating Temperature
-5℃to 40℃


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