Chain Block Capacity 0.5T

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Chain blocks, also known as chain hoists, are mechanical devices specifically designed to lift and move heavy objects. They work by using a chain and pulley system to increase the force applied to the load, allowing for efficient lifting. In general, chain blocks consist of a chain, a lifting hook, a gearbox, and a hand-operated chain wheel. The chain is wrapped around the gearbox, and when the hand chain is pulled, it rotates the gearbox and raises the lifting hook, which is attached to the load. Made of grade 80 steel alloy that is in accordance with ISO 3577 standards, Ronix RH-4101 is a chain block that offers a maximum capacity of 0.5 tons.
Ronix Chain Block RH-4101 with information

Detailed Description

Ronix RH-4101 is a chain block that uses grade 80 steel alloy for its load chains in addition to having forged steel hooks for extra rigidity and safety.

Ronix RH-4101, 0.5T Chain Block:

Individuals who need to lift and move heavy objects in a variety of settings, such as construction workers, mechanics, and warehouse employees, can benefit greatly from using chain blocks. Chain blocks can be used for lifting engines in automotive repair, hoisting heavy materials during construction, and moving large machinery in a factory setting among many other use cases. Chain blocks are highly durable, require minimal maintenance, and can lift objects weighing several tons, making them a reliable and cost-effective tool for heavy lifting. We have designed our RH-4101 to be able to excel in all of these scenarios while also ensuring the user’s safety. If you are looking for a new chain block, our RH-4101 model is the one to buy. Keep reading to learn more about its construction and features.


In accordance with the ISO 3577 standard, we have equipped our RH-4101 model with a sturdy load chain made of grade 80 steel alloy. This load chain is 6*18mm long and works with the 5*25*17 mm-long hand chain to offer a maximum proof load of 0.75T.

Lifting capacity:

 Although the RH-4101 model can handle a 0.75T load, its suggested operating capacity is around 0.5 T. With a gross weight of 8kg and net weight of 7.5kg, Ronix RH-4101 can offer a standard lift of 1.7m and a maximum pull-to-lift rated load of 221N which shows its immense power and quality.


Ronix RH-4101 chain block comes in a special package designed by Ronix.

Features :

-Solar and pulley design to reduce the force required for traction
-Biaxial system and two guide rollers
-Load chains are made of steel alloy with grade 80 according to ISO 3577 standard
-Top and bottom hooks made of forged steel that slowly bends due to overload to warn of overload
-Galvanized chains available in sizes of 3 and 6 meters
-Overload protection system



Capacity (tonnes)
0.5 T
No. of falls
Load chain (mm)
Pull to lift rated load
221 N
Proof load (tonnes)
0.75 T
Hand chain (mm)
Standard lift (m)
Net Weight
7.5 kg
Gross weight
8 kg
Extra lift per weight
1.7 kg

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