Lever Hoist Capacity, 3T

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Lever hoists are mechanical devices designed for lifting and pulling heavy loads and use a lever mechanism to generate force and lift loads. They consist of a chain or wire rope, a ratchet and pawl system, and a handle. To operate a lever hoist, the user pulls the handle back and forth, which engages the ratchet and pawl mechanism. This action allows the user to incrementally lift or pull the load with each lever stroke. Lever hoists are commonly used in construction, manufacturing, and maintenance industries for tasks such as lifting machinery, aligning heavy objects, tensioning cables, and performing rigging operations. Equipped with a toothed handle and a compact body design, Ronix RH-4111 is the strongest member of our lineup of lever hoists that lift loads with a maximum weight of 3T. Capable of offering a standard lift of 1.5m, our RH-4111 will be your last lever hoist for years to come.
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Detailed Description

Ronix RH-4111 is a 3T lever hoist with enough power to offer a proof load of 45kN with a pull-to-lift rated load of 32N.

Ronix RH-4111, 3T Lever Hoist:

Professionals who benefit from using lever hoists include construction workers, riggers, maintenance technicians, and contractors. Specifically, lever hoists can be utilized for hoisting loads onto the scaffolding, positioning heavy equipment, pulling vehicles out of difficult situations, and securing loads during transportation. They offer a portable and versatile solution for lifting and pulling heavy loads, providing a high mechanical advantage and precise control over the operation. Ronix RH-4111 is designed in such a way to not only excel in all of the aforementioned scenarios but offer numerous safety and quality-of-life benefits as well. Keep scrolling to learn more about its main features and capabilities.


Ronix RH-4111 has a 10*30mm load chain that can lift any object with a maximum weight of 3T in addition to having a proof load of 45kN. This device is armed with one fall and has a pull-to-lift rated load of 32N in addition to its ability in offering a standard lift of 1.5m.


Ronix RH-4111 lever hoist is delivered in a special package designed by Ronix.


-all-metal body Impact-resistant 
-Made under cold forging and its high strength has made this product lighter and longer lasting
-360 degree rotating handle with tiny teeth
- furance paint with high durability
-Toothed handle, small and compact body design
-Ability to move the chain slowly on the pulleys with low pressure


Capacity (tonnes)
No. of falls
Load chain (mm)
10x30 mm
Pull to lift rated load
32 N
Proof load (kN)
Standard lift (m)

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